18 Years Passed, Ronaldinho’s First Goal Moment, Proof of Genius

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10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar's ex who likes to show off his sexiness

“Scoring a beautiful goal on debut. Ronaldinho was a star from the start. Check the video!!”

1NEWS – Ronaldinho left a great legacy in and for Barcelona. Long before moving to Camp Nou, the agile Brazilian player did have above average ball skills.

His ability was even more perfect when he was in Catalunya, where, he became a world-class player who chose to compete as we remember today.

It was in that distinctive red and blue stripe that Ronaldinho won the biggest individual award, the Ballon d’Or trophy in 2005 as well as the FIFA World Player of the Year award back-to-back.

Ronaldinho the Genius

Ronaldinho is a football star whose light is not only in the Barcelona sky but the world of football as a whole.

When the ball is at his feet, when he is in action, Ronaldinho will stun opponents, he will do it in such an entertaining way that it is difficult for us to look away.

10 Poses of Natalia Barulich, Neymar’s ex who likes to show off his sexiness

Whether it’s dancing the samba before scoring against Chelsea or getting a standing ovation at the Bernabeu, there are countless moments of Ronaldinho’s genius.

But everything Ronaldinho does has a starting point. The point where all genius begins. Yes, debut moments.

Ronaldinho’s First Goal

We will return in September 2003. Where Ronaldinho, who recently arrived from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), made his debut.

If at the end of his career with Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho scored with an overhead kick, then Ronaldinho’s first goal was no less amazing, a goal from a long-range kick.

And the goal was arguably the perfect marker from Ronaldinho.
It was in the home game against Sevilla, the Brazil icon opened the scoring in the 58th minute.

Ronaldinho weaved past two Sevilla players with ease from more than half the pitch and within about 50 meters, Ronaldinho unexpectedly lightly stabbed the ball through the gap of the opponent’s goalkeeper who couldn’t reach even though he had jumped high. The ball is lodged in the top right corner of the goal.

Perhaps you have difficulty imagining how fantastic the goal is. So be sure to check out Ronaldinho’s genius in full below:

Ronaldinho has never achieved the same stats as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but his contribution to the beauty of football could be even greater.

Although Ronaldinho may not have scored 40 goals in a single season for 10 years in a row, he produced moments of surprise that probably no one except Ronaldinho could.

As such, there is something very fitting about the fact that Ronaldinho started his career at Camp Nou with a goal that sums up his genius perfectly.

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