35 Years Still Existing, Hedi Yunus Releases Single With You Self-Created Love

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Hedi Yunus (Special)

1NEWSHedi Yunus officially released single entitled “With You Love” his own creation on Friday (3/9) virtually. Single His latest release also marks 35 years of Hedi’s existence in the singing world, both solo and as Kahitna’s vocalist. He also expressed his happiness because until now he still has a place for music lovers in the country.

This is also a challenge for him to release a single in the midst of the Corona pandemic. In this song, Hedi Yunus write the lyrics themselves. He said he had prepared the lyrics since 2016.

“For sure I’m very happy, because honestly I didn’t think it could finally be released single this. In 2020, had released singles’Applying for you, now I just want to promote, eh, this is a pandemic, so during the pandemic, I can finally release it single very happy,” said Hedi Yunus in a virtual press conference, Friday (3/9).

Hedi Yunus (Special)

“This 2021 has a good number for me, 35 years of career at the age of 53, so 3553,” added Hedi Yunus.

The song “With You Love” itself was arranged by Tohpati. While the initial cultivation, Hedi Yunus was assisted by Ifa Fachir. Hedi hopes that the song “Withmu Cinta” can be enjoyed by various groups, especially since it has a moral message of sincerity.

“I want to focus on the message of this song and convey it sincerely, as it is, with the hope that anyone who hears it will be able to really feel the emotions,” explained Hedi Yunus.

Hedi Yunus also didn’t think single newly issued can have a big impact.

“On Instagram, it’s like my birthday, there are so many congratulatory ones. But the impact is incredibly happy, yes, welcome greetings from all walks of life,” said Hedi Yunus.

“Hopefully this year will be full of goodness and hockey for me and many will like the song ‘With you Cinta’,” concluded Hedi Yunus.



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