5 Ex-Army Artists Who Throw Stir Into the Entertainment World, Who Are They?

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Former Army Artist

It is not an easy thing for someone to become a civil servant. It takes unlimited struggle as well as sacrifice when serving as a soldier or member of the police. His name is also life, the following rows of former soldiers prove that in life it is very possible for change to occur.

For one reason or another, some of these civil servants chose the path of living as an artist from previously defending the country. Whoever they are, here’s the review!

5 Ex-Army Artists

1. Kabul Basuki aka Tessy Srimulat

Parents Connoisseurs of the world of comedy must be familiar with the figure of Tessy Srimulat. Tessy often shocks the entertainment stage with her graceful acting as a trans woman.

For the sake of entertaining, she is willing to play around her name to Tessy Ratnasari, Tessy Kaunang, Tessy Lupita Jones, Tessy Van Lontong and so on. Who would have thought that behind that slengean style, Tessy had been a member of the army.

Yes, Tessy used to be a KKO which has now turned into the Indonesian Navy Marine Corps. In her career, Tessy was involved in the Trikora Operation for the liberation of West Irian in 1961-1963.

Unfortunately, Tessy was forced to end her struggle because she did not get support from her mother. Tessy finally took off her striped uniform and joined the comedy group Srimulat in 1979.

In fact, the change in his life was quite glorious. Having existed since the decade of the 50s, Srimulat at that time was still moving from one place to another and trying out the night market.

The dynamics of the times made Srimulat improve himself with various changes. The presence of new players continues to encourage Tessy to adjust. Moreover, the audience’s interest in the arts is getting bigger.

Srimulat is like a sub-culture that grows as a marker of the times, complete with Javanese traditions that are held as the main support. At its peak, Srimulat was lined up to fill a regular program on the TVRI television station in the mid-80s.

Even though she is no longer wara wiri on the screen, Tessy’s works will always be in the hearts of fans of her comedic characters.

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2. Former Army Artist: Kaharuddin Syah

Former Army Artist

Next is Kaharuddin Syah who is a former soldier artist. Kaharuddin, who died on March 12, 2012 at the age of 69, has in fact experienced defending the country.

He is a retired Navy officer with the last rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Entering the world of artists, the late who was born in Tebing Tinggi often graced the small screen in the 1970-1980s era.

Some of the films he has starred in include Lieutenant Harahap, Janur Kuning, My Guru is Beautiful, Naga Bonar, Si Boy’s Note, and Dalam Mihrab Cinta.

3. Amoroso Katamsi

Former Army Artist Source: Liputan6

The figure who was born in Jakarta, October 21, 1940, is also included in the list of former soldiers. This one man had served actively in the Navy until he reached the high-ranking officer class. Unmitigated, the last rank of First Admiral alias one-star general was achieved.

The way of life says differently, the father of musician Doddy Katamsi chose to change his direction to become an artist. His name shines when competing in the soap opera Tukang Bubur Naik Haji. Furthermore, Amoroso became known when he played in the film Penumpasan Pengkhargaan G-30 S/PKI in 1982 and the military film titled Behind 98.

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4. Kris Biantoro, Artist of the Former Freedom Fighters

Entertaining the Indonesian People on Screen, These 5 Artists Turned Out To Be Soldiers

His real name is Christoporus Soebiantoro, the man who was born in Magelang, March 17, 1938, is a Veteran of Indonesian Independence, you know. Kris was even involved in Operation Trikora. That’s great.

However, Kris actually wants to try another profession. He then tried his luck as an actor, singer, and MC. The actor, who died on August 13, 2013 at the age of 75, has starred in several famous films.

Among them are Sweet Ancol Bridge, Kuntianak, Rancid Bastards, Tiga Sekawan, and Binal Horses.

5. Norman Kamaru

Entertaining the Indonesian People on Screen, These 5 Artists Turned Out To Be Soldiers

It is Norman Kamaru, a name that is familiar to Indonesian people. In the past, Norman shocked the virtual world because of his lip sync video singing the song Chaiya Chaiya while dancing in a police uniform.

Not expecting to be famous, Norman became often wara wiri on the small screen. This forced him to be fired from the Brimob service. At that time, he held the rank of Brigadier General. In the end, he also focused completely on the world entertainment.

Unfortunately, his career was not as bright as the beginning. Norman began to be forgotten and no longer seen on the screen. Recently, Norman, who used to serve in the Gorontalo jurisdiction, tried his luck again as a YouTuber.

In addition to career, Norman’s latest appearance also looks different and makes a lot of people pangling. Now, this 35-year-old man appears with long, curly, blonde hair and tattoos.

After all, life is a choice and this former soldier has struggled to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. What is your opinion?

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