6 Ways to Take Care of a Good Betta Fish to be Healthy and Grow Big

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how to care for betta fish

Betta fish are ornamental fish that are widely cultivated in Indonesia. Its bright color and agile movements make this fish much favored by the public. Not only that, with a very attractive shape, the price of betta fish is actually very affordable. However, what about the treatment? Is betta fish care difficult? Well, so that your pet fish can live long, consider the following tips and how to care for betta fish.

How to Take Care of Betta Fish to be Healthy and Grow Big

Having ornamental fish provides pleasure and comfort for its owner. However, maintaining even the smallest living creatures such as betta fish requires precision and patience.

So that your betta fish are healthy and grow big, here are some steps you can take:

1. Pay attention to the size of the aquarium

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If you notice, betta fish are usually placed in small aquariums. This is due to their very aggressive behavior when placed with other betta fish in the same tank.

If you plan to keep your betta fish, provide an aquarium with a minimum size of 18 liters. A large aquarium can help extend the betta’s life span and make it grow bigger.

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2. Change the Water Periodically

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Before changing the water in your tank, you should know your betta’s behavior. This fish is very sensitive to new environments so when you want to change the water, you should not replace it completely but leave a little water so that it doesn’t get stressed. The best time to change the water in your betta’s aquarium is once a week.

If you are too lazy to remember the schedule for changing the water, you can use a water tester. This tool will let you know when the water in the aquarium is about to be changed. Also pay attention to the volume of water, which is about 40-60% of the aquarium. This is to prevent the betta fish from jumping because it can jump up to 7.5 cm.

3. Pay attention to the aquarium temperature, how to take care of a good betta fish

how to care for betta fish

The ideal temperature for this fish aquarium is 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. So, make sure your aquarium is always at this temperature. Remember that betta fish are very sensitive fish. When the temperature changes, it will be susceptible to stress and ultimately inhibit its growth.

Not only that, drastic changes in temperature can also make betta fish die. You can buy a mini heater or place the aquarium near the radiator. This will keep your fish warm.

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4. Pay attention to the food

how to care for betta fish

If you want your betta fish to be healthy, make sure that the food is high in protein and fiber. The recommended food for this fish is usually blood worms, mosquito larvae, pellets, and egg yolks. However, the most ideal is the frozen bloodworm. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium after eating and clean up any leftover food.

For additional information, betta fish are diurnal fish that forage for food in the morning. Therefore, it is important to feed him in the morning and can be added in the afternoon. Do not feed too much because it can make him sick.

5. Drying Fish Periodically is the Right Way to Care for Betta Fish

This is How to Take Care of Betta Fish to be Healthy and Grow Big Source: iStockphoto

Your fish will grow healthy if you pay attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium. Therefore, periodically dry the fish under the hot sun for approximately 15-30 minutes. Make sure you dry it in the morning when the sun is still warm. In addition, also pay attention to the movements of the fish when drying. If it shows signs of agitation, immediately return the fish to a cooler temperature.

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6. Treat If Sick or Weak

This is How to Take Care of Betta Fish to be Healthy and Grow Big Source: Jawa Pos/Robertus Risky

Like humans, fish can get sick or weak. When they are sick, then you have to treat them. Usually, these fish can get sick due to an irregular diet, a dirty aquarium, the wrong way to move the fish, and so on.

The characteristics of a sick betta fish are swollen stomach, no appetite, fins pinched to the side, discoloration of the fins or skin, and hiding in rocks. You can treat it with ornamental fish salt, drops of methyl blue, or tetra chlor medicine.


Now, parents, that’s how to care for betta fish so they can be healthy and grow big. Keeping any animal is not easy. you should be more aware with their movements. Hopefully the information above can help you take care of your pet betta fish!

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