7 Former Indonesian Princess Artists, From Venna Melinda to Nadine

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Former Indonesian Princess Artist

There are many roads leading to Rome is a fitting premise for this line of celebrities. Who would have thought, participating in a prestigious beauty event would actually be the opening door for them to be known to a wide audience. This row of former Miss Indonesian artists is proof that nothing is impossible if the universe wills it.

In Indonesia, Miss Indonesia and Miss Indonesia are popular beauty queen events. In droves of women from all over Indonesia to show off in this one event. In addition to the ideal body, the finalists are required to be broad-minded about many things.

Summarizing various sources, here are the artists who were once Putri Indonesia.

7 Former Indonesian Princess Artists

1. Venna Melinda (Putri Indonesia 1994)

Venna Melinda Bruglia or better known as Venna Melinda is a model and soap opera star from Indonesia. Before advancing to become a talented artist, Verrell Bramasta’s mother successfully won the Miss Indonesia contest in 1994.

It did not end there, in the same year he represented Indonesia at the international Miss Universe 1994 in the Philippines and became an observer. After that, this 49-year-old artist also starred in many films in the country.

Call it Si Boy II’s Notes that catapulted his name. In addition to a career in the entertainment world, Venna also tested the political stage by becoming a Member of the DPR for the Democratic Party faction for the East Java VI constituency for the 2009–2014 and 2014–2018 periods.

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2. Alya Rohali (Putri Indonesia 1996)

Former Indonesian Princess Artist

Alya started her career as None West Jakarta 1994 and then was selected as Harapan I None Jakarta 1994. Two years later Alya was crowned Puteri Indonesia 1996. The daughter of the couple Rohali Sani and Atit Tresnawati became Indonesia’s representative at the 1996 Miss Universe event in the United States.

After her duties as Miss Indonesia ended, Alya began to explore the world of entertainment in the country. Alya starred in several soap operas including Cracked Pearl Flakes, Pursue Love, Dream Wife, and Chase Kusnadi.

Busy in the world entertainment does not make Alya forget the importance of education. After obtaining a Bachelor of Laws degree from Trisakti University, Alya took a Masters in Law and Masters in Notary Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia.

3. Melanie Putria (Putri Indonesia 2002)

Former Indonesian Princess Artist

Melanie Putria Dewita Sari became a representative from West Sumatra who was elected as Miss Indonesia 2002 when she was quite young, namely 20 years old. After being selected as Miss Indonesia 2002, Melanie started many activities.

These include establishing social activities for children and people living with HIV/AIDS. Melanie also visited Borobudur Temple in Central Java with Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova.

Melanie and Oxana even met with Indonesian President Megawati Soekarnoputri at the State Palace. This Ayat-Ayat Cinta film player is married to Angga Puradiredja who is the vocalist of the music group Maliq & D’Essentials. They enjoyed the role of parents when they were blessed with a child named Sheemar Rahman Purwadireja who was born on January 28, 2011.

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4. Artika Sari Devi (Putri Indonesia 2004)

Former Indonesian Princess Artist

Her full name is Artika Sari Devi Kusmayadi, born 29 September 1979, is an actress, model, and beauty queen from Indonesia. Artika represented the province of Bangka Belitung in the Miss Indonesia 2004 contest and became the winner.

He even managed to represent Indonesia in the Miss Universe 2005 and was in the top 15. After completing her assignment, Baim’s wife immediately got the main role in her first film Opera Jawa in 2006 directed by Garin Nugroho.

Not in vain, her acting skills were rewarded with the Best Actress award at the 3 Continents Film Festival Nantes, France and the 35th Independent Bruxelles International Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium. That’s great!

5. Nadine Chandrawinata (Ex-Miss Indonesian Artist 2005)

7 Former Indonesian Princess Artists, From Venna Melinda to Nadine

Talking about Miss Indonesia, it’s not complete if you don’t include Nadine Chandrawinata in this list. The woman who was born on May 8, 1984 is Putri Indonesia 2005 representing DKI Jakarta.

She represented Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2006 event in Los Angeles, United States and won second place for Best National Culture and Friendship Girls. Having a unique face, Nadine was born to a Chinese-Indonesian father and a German mother.

After winning the crown of Miss Indonesia, Nadine is active as a presenter and made her acting debut in the film ‘Reality, Love, and Rock’n Roll’. This woman who is fluent in German officially released her bachelor period with Dimas Anggara in 2018.

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6. Raline Shah (Ex-Miss Indonesian Artist 2008)

7 Former Indonesian Princess Artists, From Venna Melinda to Nadine

Raline Rahmat Shah, a woman born on March 4, 1985, is a model and role-playing artist from Medan, North Sumatra. Her career began when she participated in the 2008 Miss Indonesia event representing her province.

Chosen as the top 5, Raline started her acting when starring in the movie 5 cm (2012) as Riani. Raline also co-starred with Laudya Chintya Bella and Fedi Nuril in the film Unmissable Heaven (2015).

Who would have thought, this film brought this 36-year-old woman to win the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 2015 Bandung Film Festival and received a nomination at the 2015 Indonesian Film Festival, as well as a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 2016 Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards.

7. Qory Sandioriva (Putri Indonesia 2009)

7 Former Indonesian Princess Artists, From Venna Melinda to Nadine

Qory Sandioriva is also the next former Miss Indonesia artist. Trying her luck in 2009, this woman who was born in 1991 managed to become the main winner of the prestigious beauty contest. Amazingly, Qory became the first woman from Aceh to be crowned Miss Indonesia.

Having drawn controversy for not wearing a hijab like the previous finalists from Aceh, Qory proved that he was indeed talented in the entertainment world. Even before participating in the Miss Indonesia event, Qory had starred in several FTV and soap operas.

In addition, he also became the first champion for vocal & band Al-Azhar Indonesia and the first winner fighting martial arts.

From this lineup of former Putri Indonesia artists, is there anyone who is a role model? Parents?

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