7 rapes in Makassar, including women, how come. .

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The police held a pre-reconstruction of the alleged rape case in turns against a female student in Makassar City, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). One of the things that are investigated in this pre-reconstruction is to reveal the roles of 7 people who have been arrested.

“Everyone has their own role, if the status is we are waiting for the case to be held,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Panakkukang Police, Iptu Iqbal Usman, at the pre-reconstruction site, Monday.

The pre-reconstruction was held at a hotel in the Panakkukang area, Makassar. There was a woman with the initials SN (21) who was presented in the pre-reconstruction of this case.

SN is said to be a colleague of the victim. In addition, 6 people who were arrested by the police in connection with this case are UF (21), NA (20) IS (23), AF (22), MF (26), and IB 25.

However, the police have not revealed further the role of the seven people in this case.

“They were all at the crime scene at the time of the incident with the victim, so we are investigating their respective statements,” he added.

In addition to presenting victims and suspected perpetrators during pre-reconstruction. The police also involved the hotel where the incident occurred. The police also checked the hotel’s CCTV.

“They all came together, 7 people (suspected perpetrators) plus the victim so 8 people. The statements are both from THM under the influence of alcohol,” he added.

As previously reported, EA’s victim and a male colleague both came to a THM in Makassar on Saturday. At THM, EA and his male partner met the female SN and six other men.

Then at around 01.00 WITA, Sunday, EA who was drunk was about to be taken home by his male colleague. However, SN stopped him and asked the victim’s male partner to go home and SN promised to take EA to the hotel to stay because he was drunk.

After EA’s male colleague returned home, SN took the victim to the hotel, followed by six of his male colleagues. Unfortunately, EA was rotated by a number of SN’s colleagues in the hotel room.

When he woke up, EA was surprised that a man was in front of him. Furthermore, the man in question immediately fled. EA also saw a number of other men who were originally in the room running away.

Realizing that he had become a victim of immorality, EA then reported the incident to the Panakkukang Police. Furthermore, the SN woman and her six male colleagues were arrested by the police on Sunday night.


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