9 Unique and Hard to Read Artist’s Real Names!

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9 Unique and Hard to Read Artist's Real Names!

Pevita Pearce (Instagram / @pevpearce)

Stage names are used by artists for various purposes. One of them is to make it sound more local so that it can be easily remembered by the public, like what celebrities born to parents from different countries do. Maybe not many people know, here’s the real name of the mulatto soap opera.

As is known, the homeland entertainment industry is enlivened by soap opera players who have half-blood descent. Call it Amanda Manopo to Irish Bella.

Sounds unique to the point that it’s hard to read, look at the row of original names of mulatto soap operas that you may not know.

1. Ranty Maria

One of the Indonesian actresses turns out to have blood of Korean descent. The artist who can be dubbed the queen of soap operas has the real name Ranty Maria Aprilly Lee Kariso. Already know?

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