A lot of trying to drive on the beach, this man just gave up when his car was swallowed by the waves

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Driving a car should only be done on asphalt roads. However, there are still some reckless drivers who drive on the beach. Even though it is quite risky, these reckless people still do it.

That’s what this Hyundai i20 hatchback driver did in India. He was desperate to drive on the beach until his car was swallowed by the ocean waves.

Swallowed by the Waves
Launching Cartoq, the exact location of the incident is not yet known. However, a video showing the incident was uploaded by Shantonil Nag’s YouTube channel on Thursday (2/9/2021).

From the video, you can see a Hyundai i20 driven by a man stuck on the beach. At high tide, the car is completely swallowed by the ocean waves.

Car Owners Give Up
The owner man looked confused and resigned beside his car. How not, because the car will definitely not be able to get out of the beach. There must be another vehicle towing it from the place.

In addition, since almost the entire body of the car was submerged in seawater, there must have been some serious damage. Of course the owner must prepare quite a lot of money to repair it.

A similar incident had also happened in Pakistan some time ago. This incident is known from a video uploaded by the Facebook account of Pakistan’s offroad club.

In the uploaded video, it looks like a Toyota Fortuner is desperate to be driven on the beach. Even the driver to drive in a zigzag with a fairly high speed.

Because they were too busy driving in a zigzag, the white SUV unknowingly went too far into the water. As a result, when it will be turned to the right quite sharply, the car is even upside down.

To be able to return the Fotuner to its original position, another car was lowered to tow it. After success, it was clear that severe damage had occurred.

The damage that occurred included broken tires and wheels, and all the doors on the left side were badly dented. In addition, the driver’s window glass was broken, but the other glass parts appeared to be intact.

Launching Carscoops, it is known that the Fortuner driver was not injured. But unfortunately not explained in detail the condition of the passengers.

Source: otosia.com

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