Alluding to Saipul Jamil’s attitude, Gus Miftah admits he is worried: Has no shame – 1NEWS

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Gus Miftah.  Photo: Muslim Obsession.

The contra attitude towards the figure of Saipul Jamil and his re-emergence on television continues to flow heavily. Various public figures continue to oppose the former husband of Dewi Perssik, one of them is Gus Miftah. Through his personal Instagram page, Gus Miftah highlighted Saipul Jamil’s festive welcome after being released from detention.

“I understand why “good people have a past and bad people have a future”. But please, don’t be too euphoric… being released from prison should be an introspection and reflection on all sins and mistakes, not as if you won,” he wrote on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

The religious leader admitted that he was worried that the sexual abuse of minors by Saipul Jamil would be considered normal.

“Win from what? Instead, I’m worried that the excessive behavior of getting out of prison with an indecent case, the case will be considered normal and there will be an announcement. And this is a defeat….. losing because you have no shame, losing because you are proud of sin.”

At the end of his upload, Gus Miftah also gave his advice for Saipul Jamil to act normal and repent to God.

Gus Miftah. Photo: Muslim Obsession.

“My advice: just act normal and keep on repenting and begging Allah for forgiveness, grateful that you are still given the opportunity… I pray for you that you will wake up and Allah will accept your repentance,” he wrote.

Saipul Jamil’s clarification regarding the festive welcome

Responding to this, Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband admitted that he did not know if he would be greeted with great fanfare. According to Ipul, the reception was prepared by his colleagues without his knowledge.

“That’s not what I want, for the sake of Allah lillahi ta’ala. I never knew there was such a scenario. You see my face when I’m free, it makes me cry. I was confused… I was actually confused at that time, only my friends wanted to make me happy in their own way,” he said, quoted from Adiez Gilang’s YouTube channel on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Saipul Jamil
Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: Lightning

Saipul Jamil also admitted that he never asked to be paraded in a luxury car when he was free. He said that it was the closest people’s way to make him happy.

“I never askedsettings This luxury car, that’s what they gave me. Because so far I have never ridden a car for 5 years 7 months. Not breathing free air for 5 years 7 months, never holding a cellphone. And they want to make me happy.”

Ipul also admitted that he only participated in the welcome as a form of appreciation to his friends.

“I never ordered this, that message, flowers, bouquet, never. The time suddenly he gave bouquet I throw it away, it means I’m insulting. Such is the real situation.”

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