Alvin Faiz Takes Larissa Chou’s Car for Henny, This Is What Ameer Says: What’s Wrong?

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Alvin Faiz Takes Larissa Chou's Car for Henny, This Is What Ameer Says: What's Wrong?

Alvin Faiz, Henny Rahman, and Larissa Chou (Instagram/Edited by 1NEWS)

Alvin Faiz was excited again because he was called to take back the car that was previously given to Larissa Chou. According to Alvin Faiz’s sister, Ameer Azzikra, the car was loaned to Larissa Chou to take Yusuf.

“As far as Amer knows the car was borrowed by Larisa to take Yusuf. Now, yesterday, when we went to Bandung, Alvin used his car at the same time. So, in the future, surely the name Alvin loves his son,” he said when found in the Sentul Azzikra area, Bogor, West Java.

“Bang Alvin loves Yusuf, which means that Yusuf’s needs will be fulfilled later, God willing, Alvin will fulfill it. Yes, indeed, Alvin may have a need, so he wants to use the car again. So what’s wrong, “he added.

Meanwhile, there is news that the car is now being used by Alvin Faiz’s wife, Henny Rahman. However, according to Ameer, this is not entirely true.

“Not really, it means that Alvin is the one who drives. It means that if there is a need, it can be used. But Alvin uses the other car more often. If there is a need for another car, of course he will use it,” he explained.

For now, Ameer admits that he knows that Larissa Chou already has another car. But he hopes that the snapgram uploaded by Larissa does not offend anyone.

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