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Facts About White VW Cars and Larissa Chou’s Relationship with Alvin Faiz

Dream – Kabara Larissa Chuo bought a new car in the type of sedan, sparking accusations from netizens against her ex-husband, Muhammad Alvin Faiz. The accusation arose because the White VW that had been used by Larissa had been used by Alvin and his new wife, Henny Rahma.

Hanny Kristanto, a relative of the late Ustadz Arifin Ilham’s family, the father of Alvin Faiz denied the allegation of fighting over the VW car owned by Larissa, Hanny confirmed that the VW car that was said to belong to Larissa was actually Ustaz Arifin Ilham’s favorite vehicle.

“The cici house team, the employee is Larissa, who also knows Alvin. The VW is Ustadz Arifin Ilham’s favorite car,” said Hanny Kristanto as reported by Dream from the Cumi Cumi Youtube channel.

According to Hanny, Alvin went to Larisa’s house in Bandung to pick up her son, Yusuf Alvin Ramadan. His arrival was also carried out according to Larissa’s request for her ex-husband to visit their son.

“Thank God it was Larissa who asked to come, ‘that’s your child to look at’. Finally, I was looked at and brought home to meet my family again,” he said.

With the facts he knows, Hanny ensures that there will be no new conflicts between Larissa and Alvin. Likewise, Alvin’s new wife, Henny Rahman, was brought to Bandung to be introduced to Larissa.

“Yesterday Alvin came with Henny, Ammer brought his wife, they met with Larissa to take Yusuf. It turned out that they were fine,” he said.

(Legitimate, Source: Youtube Squid)

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