An Example of Angga Sasongko’s Real Action, Not Just a Boycott Call for Saipul Jamil

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Angga Sasongko's tweet.  (Twitter)

1NEWS – At other times it’s just a call, the director and CEO of Visinema Group Angga Sasongko Instead, he immediately took a firm stance regarding the appearance of Saipul Jamil on the small screen.

Through his Twitter, Sunday (5/9) afternoon, Agung Sasongko announced the termination of talks on the film distribution agreement Nussa & the Fir Family with a TV station that presents Saipul Jamil in the program. This attitude was taken because the relevant TV station was considered to have no respect for the victim of abuse by Saipul Jamil.

“In response to Saiful Jamil’s presence on television in a way that does not respect the victims, we have stopped all discussions on the distribution agreement for the film Nussa & Keluarga Cemara with the relevant TV stations because they do not share the same values ​​as our child-friendly work,” tweeted Angga.

Angga Sasongko’s tweet. (Twitter)

The 36-year-old director stated that the real action was intended to support the movement against the celebration of sexual violence against children in the media and to raise awareness about the importance of the media in respecting children.

“The termination of talks on this agreement applies not only to TV stations that are already broadcasting, but also to other TV stations that will later broadcast similar programs,” he said. tell the director of Filosofi Kopi and Wiro Sableng 212.

Angga Sasongk’s actions received support from netizens. They respect Angga’s courage to take a firm stand in the midst of the pros and cons of the emergence Saipul Jamil on the screen. They hope that Angga’s steps will be followed by other parties, one of which is advertisers so that TV stations do not only pursue ratings, but also think about the interests of children.

Angga Sasongko (Instagram/jozz_felix)

Angga Sasongko (Instagram/jozz_felix)

“It’s cool, Mas Angga and friends. Hopefully the sponsors and brands will also take the same action to the TV station earlier. Because if you don’t, sponsors and brands are just turning a blind eye to the dangers of sexual violence and pedophilia,” chirping the account owner @ma****ep.

“That’s really cool, mas, I hope that his commendable behavior can be imitated by all parties from any circles, if the perpetrator of sexual violence deserves to be judged and DOES NOT DESERVE to receive any welcome or appreciation. Good job, mas, god bless,” said the account owner @lo****KV.



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