Apply the Extreme Savings Lifestyle, This US Woman Hasn’t Purchased Clothes for 23 Years

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Adopt Extreme Frugal Lifestyle, This US Woman Hasn't Buy Clothes For 23 Years - Photo 1

1NEWS, Kate Hashimoto recently caused a stir among netizens after appearing on the Extreme Cheapskates show on the TLC television channel. Through the event, he shared his experience of surviving on a limited budget every month in New York, which is USD 200 or Rp. 2.8 million. In fact, the amount of money is considered very small to live in a city with an expensive lifestyle.

“I’ve lived in New York for three years, even though it’s the most expensive city to live in, I’ve found a way around it.”

“If I have to spend money, I try to avoid it, I will try and pay as little as possible,” said the woman who works as a certified personal accountant (CPA), quoted from The Sun.

Not only that, Hashimoto also never bought his home furniture. He often picks them up from the trash cans and sidewalks.

In fact, for his bed, he piles up used yoga mats he picks up on the street instead of paying hundreds of dollars to buy them. He also piled up old magazines that were converted as a dining table.

For clothes, he admits that he has never bought new clothes since 1998. He also often gets toiletries from free samples at various promotional events.

“I’m a big fan of free samples. Maybe I’m an extreme sampler.”

Then, he also never uses toilet paper. He often cleans himself with water and soap.


In terms of washing clothes, he never used a laundry service. Hashimoto would immediately wash his clothes while he showered. That too by using the foam from the soap he uses to soap himself.

The extreme thing he did was disguised as a ‘bum’ to pick up trash from restaurants or supermarkets in the elite Big Apple neighborhood.

“These stores often throw away a lot of high-quality food, including organic and very good prepared foods,” he explains.[]


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