Blood Relationships Until Brother Gets Pregnant and Gives Birth, Initially Under Coercion Until Finally Addicted

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Incest or blood relations between NJ (19) and his sister, KH (15), adds to the long list of cases that have existed before. Ironically, this blood relationship between brothers and sisters in Pidie, Aceh has given birth to a child.

The Pidie Police Chief AKBP Padli through the Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Ferdian Chandra explained, this case of adultery between brothers and sisters began in January 2020, when the older brother was sleeping in the room.

From the outside, KH, who is addicted to watching adult films, then goes into his brother’s room to vent his beer cravings. “The victim refused and fled,” said AKP Ferdian.

But the rejection was only momentary, because in the end NJ gave up her virginity for her sister, and then continued to do it for a total of eight times.

“This adultery case started from coercion until finally addicted,” said AKP Ferdian.

And the bad thing is, as reported by, the sister who was satisfied with her brother then called three other friends, namely ML, FS, and WD, to participate in setting up her brother until finally NJ became pregnant and gave birth on August 21, 2021.

For the birth of a child without marriage ties, NJ was reported by his uncle to the Gampong apparatus along with four perpetrators. The five were then processed at the Peukan Baro Police Headquarters.

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