Catch a thief, these mothers are even forced to

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Unfortunately, the fate of SN’s mother (43), a resident of Karang Jaya District. Even though they managed to catch the thief or Maling Wiro Purnama (19), these mothers were forced to rape the thief.

Fortunately, the perpetrator Wiro was caught by the police.

Wiro, during the theft, was also reported to have been forced to act on mothers with the initials SN, after he caught the thief. The incident occurred after SN’s mother caught Wiro entering SN’s house, Saturday (21/8/2021) at around 02.00 WIB.

However, when the victim caught the perpetrator, the victim was immediately held captive and beaten, until he fainted. When the victim fainted, the perpetrator Wiro stripped the victim’s clothes and carried out his depraved act.

Muratara Police Chief AKBP Eko Sumaryanto, through Head of Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Dedy Rahmad Hidayat, told the chronology of the incident. Namely, the perpetrator entered the victim’s house, through the roof of the house.

Then after entering the house, the perpetrator looked for valuables belonging to the victim. And at that time the victim woke up, and caught the perpetrator.

“The victim screamed and the perpetrator immediately covered the victim’s mouth, with a pillow and hit the victim on the back of the neck. Until the victim fainted,” said AKP Head Dedy Rahmad Hidayat to reporters, Sunday (29/8/2021).

Knowing the victim fainted, the perpetrator immediately thought of having sex with the victim.

After awakening, the victim saw that the contents of the house were in disarray and found that three of his belongings had been missing, three LPG cylinders III kg. One red Philip brand mixer, one BOSTEL brand spray tank, one short NOKIA mobile phone and Rp. 700,000.

Following up on the report, the police immediately launched a series of investigations. And received information that one of the perpetrators, named Wiro. The police also arrested the perpetrator.

When arrested, the perpetrator Wiro was sitting on the side of the road in Sukaraja Village, Karang Jaya District.

“The perpetrator tried to run away and was given a warning shot, the perpetrator did not heed it. So take decisive and measurable action,” said Kasat.

It is known that there were three perpetrators.

“As a result of his actions, the perpetrator Wiro was charged with a crime in Article 365 of the Criminal Code and 285 of the Criminal Code,” he concluded.


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