Change Main Sponsor to Honda, Makassar PSM Boss: We Will Definitely Rise! | 1NEWS

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The collaboration between PSM Makassar and Honda, which has existed for a long time since 2018, will be even more special in the BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 event.

This South Sulawesi public pride soccer club makes the Japanese automotive manufacturer the main sponsor to navigate the country’s highest caste competition.

The flapping wing logo that has become the hallmark of the giant company will also be clearly displayed on the front of the Ramang Squad jersey, shifting Semen Bosowa.

This full commitment and support makes CEO Munafri Arifuddin very optimistic to navigate the competition in Liga 1 2021-2022 which has started since last August 27.

“This is the fourth year PSM Makassar and Honda are one heart. Alhamdulillah, we have achieved many achievements during this togetherness,” said Munafri Arifuddin, Saturday (4/9/21).

“Both parties are determined to work together to achieve achievements and carry the hope that Indonesian football will rise again,” added the 45-year-old man firmly.

For your information, Honda had awarded one motorbike to each PSM Makassar player at the beginning of the 2019 League 1 season.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Astra Motor who is bridging the cooperation between PSM Makassar and Honda in Liga 1 2021-2022 also expressed his hopes.

“This year, we again give full support and hopefully there will be achievements that can be made. Happy competing. Ewako PSM Makassar,” said Octavianus Dwi.

Liga 1 2021-2022 also made a new history because there was a company that was able to replace Semen Bosowa as the main sponsor on the front of the PSM Makassar jersey.


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