CHAOTIC! Brazil vs Argentina match STOPED! Player Health and Quarantine Issues! –

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Brazil vs Argentina match suspended – The 2022 World Cup qualifying match between Brazil vs Argentina has been suspended by the Brazilian health service, it is suspected that there is a problem with the three Premier League players who are in the Argentina squad!

When the match between Brazil vs Argentina had only been running for 7 minutes, the Brazilian health service, ANVISA, accompanied by a number of police officers stopped the match! Surprisingly enough!

ANVISA entered the stadium and were on the touchline talking to Casemiro and Neymar. Meanwhile, the Argentinean players gathered on the sidelines and soon all the visiting players and staff were directed to enter the locker room.

Brazil’s federal police accompanying the health service appear to be looking for players deemed to have violated quarantine protocols. It seems that all of these incidents are related to the three members of the Premier League who are part of the Argentina squad, including Giovani Lo Celso, Emiliano Martinez and Cristian Romero.

15 minutes later Lionel Messi and Scaloni were seen talking to members of the Brazilian football association and also Tite, Neymar and Casemiro.

ANVISA finally issued their official statement stating “ANVISA sees the serious health situation, and therefore the local health authorities will immediately quarantine the player, who is prohibited from participating in any activities and must be prevented from being on Brazilian territory.”

Messi and Scaloni then re-entered the dressing room, and it is almost certain that the game will not be possible to resume on this occasion. Otamendi, Dybala, De Paul and Paredes also walked into the dressing room.

The Argentina squad have been in Brazil for two days having previously traveled to Venezuela. And it seems that Brazil’s health service was late in delivering the quarantine requirements, causing this mess.

Even the Brazilian players also looked surprised by this incident, some of their players were still warming up. However, none of the Argentine players appeared on the pitch until this report was published. We will soon provide the latest updates regarding the Nrasil vs Argentina match.

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