Child in East Lampung Fucked by biological father, threatened with machete

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Instead of protecting, a father in East Lampung had sex with his biological daughter from 2018 until his daughter was married.

During that time, the biological daughter did not dare to report to the family. Because, he was always threatened by his father using a sharp weapon such as a machete.

The perpetrator with the initials HO (60) is a resident of Pekalongan District, East Lampung Regency, who is now in prison after the child complained to her husband and relatives.

East Lampung Police Chief AKBP Zaky Alkazar Nasution accompanied by Pekalongan Police Chief Iptu Rahadi explained that the suspect had started committing lewd acts against his biological son since 2008.

“He was allegedly sexually assaulted by the victim who was still 17 years old, and it turned out to be continued until 2021, even when the victim was already married (married),” said Zaky.

In carrying out the action, he continued, the suspect used a sharp weapon, a type of machete, to threaten, so that the victim was unable to fight back, and resigned himself to being an outlet for his biological father’s depraved lust.

“The crime was only uncovered, at the end of August 2021. When the victim managed to report the incident that happened to her to her husband and relatives,” continued Zaky.

Then, the victim reported it to the police. Officers immediately searched for the perpetrators. The frightened perpetrator fled and hid in a hut on a resident’s plantation. However, he was eventually arrested and handed over to the Pekalongan Police.

“To complete the investigation file related to the crime of rape, the Pekalongan Police Police have also confiscated 2 sharp weapons, types of machetes and kris, clothes, and carpets, as evidence,” he concluded.

Threatened with a machete

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