Covering the Labuh Gentuh Ceremony, Journalists Expelled and Intimidated – 1NEWS

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The series of Labuh Gentuh Ceremony held by the Les Penuktukan Traditional Village, Sunday, September 5, 2021, was marred by the arrogant attitude of a number of individuals.
They expelled and interrogated several journalists who happened to be covering the momentum of the 70-year ceremony.

The series of ceremonial activities with Ngider Labuh Gentuh, around 10.20 WITA, residents were seen arriving and crowding at the ceremony location. Even crowds occur so that they ignore health protocols, moreover these activities have violated PPKM Level 4.

When the ceremony was taking place, precisely at the border between Les and Penuktukan, which was called Pura Puseh, several journalists who happened to be covering the rare event were even intimidated by several members of the public not to take documentation of the activity. Two of them were taken to the Security Post and interrogated by asking various questions including asking to show the press card belonging to the journalist concerned.

However, when shown, the press card was said to be fake and asked for a cellphone forcibly then deleted all the video images that were covered.

“Don’t cover it, turn off your cellphone, where’s the recording,” snapped one of the residents as he snatched the journalist’s cellphone.

Seeing the impossible situation, the journalists then left the location of the ceremony, but when they left the place they were followed all the way to the Singaraja-Karangasem highway.

To avoid the worst, the journalists took refuge in the Tejakula Police Headquarters while reporting. According to a reporter from a television station, he admitted to covering the ceremony because there was a rare moment in the ceremony that only took place once every 70 years.

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