Cristiano Ronaldo’s name enters the World Records Museum after scoring 111 goals

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1NEWS – Guinness World Records recently re-registered the name Cristiano Ronaldo after the player managed to surpass the previous record set by Ali Daei. The former Juventus player is officially the top scorer.

Break New Record

As has been reported by many media some time ago, where Cristiano Ronaldo had equaled Ali Daei’s score in terms of scoring goals at the international level when playing at Euro 2020 yesterday. The Portuguese player managed to pack 109 goals, which is exactly the same number as Ali Daei’s previous goals.

In the middle of last week, the record that previously belonged to Ali Daei finally officially changed hands. Now Ronaldo managed to become the top scorer with the Portuguese national team and get recognition from the Guinness World Records.

This new record was created when the Portugal national team faced Northern Ireland (2/9) yesterday when they underwent a follow-up match in Group A in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualification for the European Zone. The match ended with a score of 2:1 and Ronaldo successfully bought up these two goals.

Currently the world record museum confirms that Ronaldo has officially become the male footballer with the most goals collection of all time. Media ride88 mentions that the total goal collection of Cristiano Ronaldo is at 111 and there is still a chance that it will increase considering that the player is still active.

Guinness World Records Award

Recently, the Guinness World Records sent the record certificate to the player as written proof that the record was broken. Where the letter contains that Cristiano Ronaldo is the male category football player with the highest collection of goals at the international level.

“Guinness World Records awards with a certificate to Cristiano Ronaldo who has managed to become the male player with the most goals in international football that has been inscribed from 2003 to 2021,” wrote a representative of Guinness World Records through their official website.

On the other hand Ronaldo also gave his comments after this achievement was created. Through his personal Instagram account, the player known as CR7 expressed his gratitude after getting a certificate from Guinness World Records. The former Juventus and Real Madrid player emphasized that he did not want to stop here. The 36-year-old winger still wants to score goals together again Portugal National Team.

“I would like to thank Guinness World Records for the award that has been given. I feel very happy after being recognized as a world record breaker. Let’s fight together to increase this number of goals.” open Ronaldo through posts on his personal Instagram account.

Tribute to Ali Daei

Still sourced from the same post, Cristiano Ronaldo also did not miss giving praise to Ali Daei. The legendary player who won with the Iranian national team is considered an extraordinary player who can maintain this previous record for a long time as the top scorer at the international level.

“Another reason for me to appreciate this achievement is that Ali Daei has previously set such high standards. So at some point I thought there was no way I could achieve it,” Ronaldo said.

“Congratulations to “Shariar” for holding the record for so long, and thank you for showing me so much respect every time I score so that I can get closer to an incredible number,” Ronaldo concluded in his Instagram post.

After breaking Ali Daei’s record, Cristiano Ronaldo is known to have said goodbye to leaving his colleagues in the Portugal national team. The player is known to immediately fly to England to make his second debut with Manchester United.

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