Criticism of a lively welcome to Saipul Jamil, Angga Sasongko cancels cooperation with related TV

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The name Saipul Jamil has recently become a public discussion. He was just declared free on September 2, 2021 ago. Cases of sexual harassment to bribery clerks made him have to languish behind bars for 5 years and 7 months. His return at that time was in the public’s spotlight, because Saipul was greeted with great fanfare. In fact, he has received offers to shoot on several television stations after being released from Cipinang Prison.

The glorification of Saipul’s return to appearing again on television stations has received harsh criticism from many parties. This includes artists and community leaders. They considered that the release of Saipul, which seemed to be celebrated, had the potential to make the public understand immoral acts against minors. Saipul Jamil’s boycott petition from television also appeared in line with the active return of the dancer on the small screen.

The owner of the Visinema Pictures production house, Angga Dwimas Sasongko, took a firm stance. He stopped the distribution of the film Nussa and Keluarga Cemara with related tv stations

Director and CEO of Visinema Group, Angga Sasongko chose to stop the distribution agreement for the films “Nussa” and “Keluarga Cemara” on a private television station. This decision is to fight the celebration of perpetrators of sexual violence against children. According to Angga, Saipul’s invitation to television no longer has the same value as his work.

“Responding to the presence of Saipul Jamil on television in a way that does not respect the victim. So we stopped all discussions of the Nussa and Cemara film distribution agreement with the relevant TV stations because they do not share the same values ​​as our child-friendly work,” said Angga Sasongko in an official statement, Sunday (5/9).

The decision was taken so that the entertainment industry players in the country no longer tolerate perpetrators of sexual violence against children appearing on television. Furthermore, he also said that Visinema would stop collaborating with TV that would do a similar show.

“Against the celebration of sexual violence against children in the media, and become a shared awareness of the importance of the media respecting our children. The termination of this agreement is not only for TV stations that broadcast, but also other TV stations that will later do similar shows,” he said.

This notification received thousands of responses from netizens, they appreciated the actions taken by Angga Sasongko. Until now, the decision has been retweeted by 15 thousand accounts to be liked by more than 38 thousand users on Twitter.

Not only Angga, presenters Najwa Shihab and Ernest Prakasa also delivered similar criticisms. They highlight the entertainment world of the country which is too glorified by criminals

Public figures Najwa Shibah to Ernest Prakasa also expressed a similar view. Najwa saw the excessive reception after Saipul Jamil’s return risked giving rise to “Proclamation”. This means that more and more people will regard abuse of minors as a normal action. This former journalist considers the perpetrators of crimes to be more courageous and have no shame. Moreover, this phenomenon does not seem to favor the victim, so that those who have experienced a similar incident will be afraid to speak up.

“What is no less dangerous is that people can no longer be ashamed if they commit sexual violence. In addition, this behavior can make people feel ‘usual’ to see perpetrators of sexual violence. Not to mention this can also make the victim more afraid to speak and open up. Hadeh,” said Najwa Shihab in a statement on Instagram.

Komika Ernest Prakasa actually felt sad about the television station that invited the dancer and gave special treatment. Whereas television is intended as a medium for disseminating education that should be a pioneer for the community to emulate. The incident of a controversial figure who was immediately invited to make Meira Anastasia’s husband uncomfortable.

“What is this stinging stench? Oh, it turns out that the smell of carrion comes from the death of a TV station’s conscience that treats former sexual abuse convicts like heroes,” Ernest sarcastically said.

The polemic of Saipul Jamil’s arrival on television has drawn pros and cons in the past week. Fans want the idol to be given a chance, on the other hand the entertainment industry is doing repetitive concepts just for the sake of ratings. This phenomenon illustrates the thoughts of the Indonesian people who care about broadcasts on television, the goal is for the media to improve to be more advanced and provide education.

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