CSM, Tricks to Use Japanese Women’s Skincare with Cotton and Toner Capital. Let’s try!

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Facial skin care is one thing that is quite important to maintain healthy skin. Not only for beauty, routine and effective care can reduce skin problems such as acne, blackheads, dry, oily skin and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone is painstaking for treatment. Moreover, the shadow of a lot of care products and expensive prices are also often an obstacle.

Actually, not all skin care is complicated and expensive. There is even a very simple and easy to practice, one of which is CSM. Skin care with CSM has actually been used by many beauty enthusiast. CSM is known as how to use skincare very minimalistic but effective for the skin. So, you don’t need to use a lot of products to do skin care in this way. Curious what is CSM and how? Let’s look at the information that has been Hipwee summarize below!

CSM was introduced by skincare expert from Japan as a method of using skincare to nourish the skin

CSM actually stands for Chizu Saeki Method. Uniquely, Chizu Saeki is the name of a skincare expert from Japan who first introduced the method of using skincare this. Chizu Saeki has experience working in the beauty industry such as Guerlain and Dior. Later, he also wrote a book about beauty entitled “The Japanese Skincare Revolution“, to document her experiences in the world of beauty. The book contains ways to get healthy facial skin regardless of age, one of which is CSM.

The methods and ingredients needed to do CSM, just use 2 ingredients to help the skin be well hydrated

Just need toner and cotton | Credit by Ron Lach on Pexels

CSM is actually similar to facial skin care with sheet mask, it’s just that you just use a cotton swab and toner. These two ingredients are the mainstay of CSM in facial care. Launching from Japan Info, even though how to use skincare something like this is fairly simple, but effective enough to help the skin absorb toner maximally. Here are the CSM steps:

  1. Clean facial skin using facial wash first. The goal is so that dust and dirt in the skin pores can be lifted and help the absorption of toner optimally
  2. Dip a cotton swab in warm water, then wring it out until no water drips
  3. Pour toner on the surface of the cotton until evenly
  4. Open the cotton layer so that it becomes a thin part
  5. Place the cotton on the entire surface of the face as when using sheet mask
  6. Wait 3 to 15 minutes until all the toner is absorbed into the skin, then remove the cotton

CSM is assessed as a method of use skincare most effective. Because, instead of just patting on the surface of the skin, this method actually “forces” the skin to absorb all the toner slowly and evenly. Apart from being done as skincare routine, CSM can also be used as a mask. For example, when you need to tighten facial skin, it’s outside the agenda skincare routine.

Benefits of doing CSM and some things you need to pay attention to!

CSM is very effective in moisturizing the skin | Credit by Polina on Pexels

As a beauty method that has been applied by many beauty enthusiast, CSM is known to have quite real benefits in the world of skin care. Among them, able to moisturize and refresh facial skin well, make skin look younger, emphasize skin barrier and optimize the toner content to be absorbed by the skin well. This is because the compressing method on CSM makes it easier for the product to be absorbed more effectively into the skin.

Even though the ingredients are very simple and easy to practice, you still need to pay attention to the following things so that the CSM you do can be effective and still safe for your skin:

  • use toner that you’re used to, so it’s definitely suitable. Try toner according to your skin type. For example if you have dry skin type, then choose hydrating toner which has the ability to hydrate the skin well, so if your skin is oily, then use a toner for oily skin. So that CSM can help solve your skin problems optimally.
  • Do not use toner with ingredients that can cause skin irritation, such as alcohol and exfoliators.
  • Make sure the cotton used is thin and doesn’t absorb too much of the product, so it’s not excessive and wasteful. In addition, the thin cotton is easier to apply to the facial skin evenly.

So that’s a review of CSM as a way of use skincare which is effective and super simple. This CSM can be a solution for those of you who find it difficult to feel the benefits of the toner you use. Maybe with CSM, your skin will be easier to absorb the content toner, right. Have you ever tried it? Or so interested to try too?


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