Experts reveal 3 motives for killing Amel-Tuti, one of which is romance

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The location of the discovery of two bodies in Subang.  Photo: St.

The murder case that killed Tuti Suhartini and her daughter, Amalia Mustika Sari in Subang, West Java, seems really complicated and difficult to solve. It’s just crazy, entering the 18th day, the police are still not able to reveal who the culprit is.

Padjadjaran University (Unpad) criminologist Yesmil Anwar also highlighted the process of examination which seemed long and convoluted. He suspects that the mastermind and executor of the murder are different people, making it difficult to identify.

He confirmed that, according to a number of findings, the Tuti-Amel case was purely premeditated. Meanwhile, there are three alleged motives, namely social relationships such as romance, power, and wealth.

“The three motives have always been the background of people committing crimes, thus the police must explore the possible three motives,” said Yesmil, quoted on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

“Is there anything to do with financial problems, power, or social relations between the victim and the perpetrator, including the character of the victim and other people during his life,” he continued.

The location of the discovery of two bodies in Subang. Photo: St.

According to him, the motive approach is very important, so that evidence findings, forensic examination results, and alleged motives can be a series that can reveal murder cases.

“Unless the perpetrator is exposed, then the deepening of the motive becomes number two, the important thing is that the facts are clear or not,” he explained.

Furthermore, he suspects, the murder is fairly neat and full of scenarios. Not only that, there may also be many actors involved, at least not one. That is why, it is appropriate that the police have difficulty finding the culprit.

“Actually, if the crime involves several people who are suspected of committing it, it is a good point to prioritize forensic evidence of the condition of the corpse.”

“Regarding how the victim was killed, with what, and the possibilities that underlie the death of the victim,” he said.

The killers of Tuti and Amalia are expected to be caught soon

Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni checks the crime scene
Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni inspects the crime scene of the murder of the mother and child in the trunk. Instagram photo @polres_subang

However, like many others, Yesmil hopes that the case will be resolved soon and the perpetrators of the murders will be exposed to the truth.

“I and the public hope that this case can be revealed by the police as soon as possible, because it involves a fairly controversial matter and also the reputation of the police.”

“But I am sure that sooner or later, this case will be able to be clearly revealed by the competent authorities,” he said.

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