Forget the defeat of Bhayangkara FC, the Persiraja crew are still happy during training | 1NEWS

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Persiraja Banda Aceh lost 1-2 to Bhayangkara FC in the inaugural match of BRI Liga 1 this season, last August 29. Not wanting to lament over these minor results, the management and the coaching team continue to maintain the psychology of the Persiraja players.

This was seen in the Laskar Rencong Team training session in Tangerang, Friday (3/9/2021). The Persiraja players looked cheerful when undergoing training.

Even the General Secretary of Persiraja, Rahmat Djailani, joined in among the players.

“This season’s competition, especially series one, is still long. And, we’ve only had one game. All elements of the team must remain united and happy so that the atmosphere is conducive,” said Rahmat Djailani.

Moreover, continued Rahmat, Persiraja is one of the BRI League 1 2021/2022 contestants whose distance is far from Java.

“We pray the competition can be finished until the last game. Of course, we will be separated from our family for a long time. So that we don’t get bored, we have to maintain a comfortable team atmosphere for all Persiraja players,” he said.

Persiraja coach, Hendri Susilo, as a former player also really understands how to treat his foster children. Both during training, matches, and off the field. Therefore, he will try to make his players as comfortable as possible.

“This season’s competition is not normal. Prokes rules are very strict and centralized. For those of us from Aceh, it is different from other teams. I have to be able to win the hearts of players. I have to know when to be serious and relaxed,” said Hendri Susilo.


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