FOUR young couples suspected of being lewd were raided by the PP SATPOL

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Officers from the Mojokerto City Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) have arrested four young couples who are suspected of being lewd. In fact, two other couples were secured in a boarding house room in a state of binge drinking and drunkenness.

The head of the Mojokerto City Satpol PP, Heryana Dodik Murtono, said that the four non-married couples were detained by officers in two different boarding houses, Wates Village and Kedundung Village, Magersari District.

“We have arrested four couples. Two couples are in one room while the other two couples are in different rooms,” he said.

He pointed out that the young couple had just been perverted in the boarding house. Even among them, it was suspected that they had just had a drinking party (alcohol) before committing indecent things. This was corroborated by the discovery of several bottles containing alcohol in one of the rooms and their drunken condition.

“Of the four perverted couples, in one room were found a number of bottles of liquor that were still filled. So we did an intensive examination and some were drunk,” he explained.

The former Head of Public Relations of Mojokerto City said that the raid carried out by Satpol PP officers was based on reports from residents who claimed to be restless with the activities at the boarding house. Every night, the occupants of the two boarding houses often make noise.

In fact, it is suspected that the residents of the boarding house are often used to commit lewdness by the residents. Residents of the boarding house are often caught by residents entering the youth into the boarding room at night. This behavior made the residents around the boarding house furious.

“After we checked, they were not husband and wife. Of course, this violates Regional Regulation Number 13 of 2015 because they are not husband and wife, and Regional Regulation Number 2 of 2015 concerning Control of Alcoholic Drinks,” he concluded.


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