GOOD GRIEF !!! A civil servant pretends to check the virginity of his stepdaughter to depression. .

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A civil servant in Gunungkidul Regency, S (59) was arrested by the police for molesting his stepdaughter until she became depressed. The modus operandi, S pretended to check the virginity and merukiyah the teenage girl.

The deputy head of the Gunungkidul Resort Police, Kompol Verena Sri Wahyuningsih, said that Sumarwan’s lecherous actions against the victim had been going on since 2016. At that time, S argued that he wanted to check the virginity of his stepdaughter.

“The sexual abuse carried out by the suspect was from the middle of 2016 until the end of 2018. For the modus operandi, the suspect checked the victim’s virginity by groping the thighs and breasts,” he said at a press conference at the Gunungkidul Police, Monday.

“And the one who did it (obscenity) was when the victim’s mother was not at home,” added Verena.

Verena continued, the victim at that time did not have any suspicion of her stepfather, especially the reason for groping her thighs and breasts was to check the victim’s virginity. Surprisingly, this was not only done once, but many times, especially when the house they lived in was quiet.

“Because he has received this treatment (obscenity) for a long time, the victim became depressed and was examined at one of the Klaten regional hospitals in July 2021,” he said.

After recovering and being allowed to go home, S took care of his stepson so that his depression would be cured. However, the rukiyah that S did was only a mode to be able to approach and hold the victim’s body part.

“It turned out that the rukiyah was carried out so that the suspect could sexually assault the victim again. Because she couldn’t take it anymore, the victim told her brother what had happened, and after that the victim’s mother found out and reported it to the (Gunungkidul) Police,” he said.

Verena continued, based on the report that came in on January 29, 2021, the police immediately summoned S. After several summons, finally at the end of February 2021 he was named a suspect in an obscene case.

“S is a civil servant (in Gunungkidul Regency). After admitting his actions, we confiscated evidence of a red striped shirt and navy blue trousers,” he said.

“For now, we have detained the suspect at the (Gunungkidul) Police. The suspect is also subject to further legal proceedings and is suspected of Article 82 of the Republic of Indonesia Law number 17 of 2016 concerning child protection, for a minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum of 15 years in prison,” he concluded.


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