Gus Miftah to Saipul Jamil: Remember You Are Perpetrators Not Victims!

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1NEWSGus Miftah participated in speaking out about the over-welcome of Saipul Jamil at the age of undergoing cases of sexual abuse of minors and bribery. The cleric from East Java, who is friendly with Deddy Corbuzier, considered the Ipul pick-up process too much to make as if he was a hero.

“Olympic champion?” quip Gus Miftah, while uploading a photo of Saipul Jamil wearing a flower arrangement necklace and being paraded in a luxury car.

“I understand why ‘good people have a past and bad people have a future’. But please don’t be overly euphoric…… getting out of prison should be an introspection and reflection on all sins and mistakes, not as if you won…… , “

“Win from what? I’m actually worried that the excessive behavior of getting out of prison with an indecent case, the case will be considered normal and there will be an announcement. And this is a defeat….. losing because you have no shame, losing because you are proud of your sin etc. . REMEMBER YOU ARE THE DOOR NOT THE VICTIMS!!!”

Still in the same post, Gus Miftah advised Saipul Jamil to focus on improving himself without showing an exaggeration.

“My advice: act normal and continue to repent and ask forgiveness from Allah, be grateful that you are still given the opportunity…” he said.

“How come Miftah is curious about people’s business? It’s not stupid, bro, this has become the public domain, because it was deliberately published,” he continued.

Saipul Jamil was released from Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta, on September 2, 2021. Saipul has served 5 years and 7 months of a total sentence of 8 years in prison for the beating of a minor boy and the bribery of a court official.

Waves of resistance to Saipul Jamil continue to emerge. Even a petition containing an invitation to boycott him from TV and YouTube has been signed by more than 300 thousand people online.


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