If possible, give the rest of his life to Nagita Slavina, Raffi Ahmad hopes that his wife will live longer than him: I can’t live without him

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Raffi Ahmad apparently harbored hopes for his wife, Nagita Slavina. Raffi Ahmad’s hopes for Nagita Slavina were also unusual.

Yes, Raffi Ahmad hopes that Nagita Slavina can have a longer life. If possible, Raffi Ahmad wants to die first than Nagita Slavina.

Launching Tribun Wow, this was revealed by Raffi Ahmad in Boy William’s YouTube show on Friday (3/9/2021). In the show, initially Rafgi Ahmad was asked to reveal what he disliked the most about his wife.

“One thing you don’t like about Nagita?” asked Boy William. Frankly, Rafgi Ahmad admitted that he did not like the slow nature of Nagita Slavina.

“Lelet, if there are five invites on the weekend, at least he only has one,” said Raffi Ahmad. Furthermore, Raffi Ahmad was asked about a touching thing that was said by his son, Rafathar.

“What has Rafathar ever done that touched you?” asked Boy William.

Apparently, Raffi Ahmad was touched when his son said he wanted to be like him in the future.

“When I asked, ‘Rafathar, who do you want to be when you grow up’,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“So it’s like papah,” he added, imitating Rafathar.

But Raffi Ahmad himself admitted that he was worried if Rafathar really followed in his footsteps in the future.

“It’s bad, he doesn’t know what his father is like,” he said.

Furthermore, Raffi Ahmad was asked to name 3 requests.

“If you had three wishes, what would you want?” asked Boy William.

Raffi Ahmad said he wanted to have a long life.

“I can live a long life to accompany my child in marriage, I can see grandchildren,” said Raffi Ahmad.

He also wants his life taken first from Nagita Slavina.

“Secondly, if God wants to take my wife, let me just do it, because there are no girls like Nagita and I can’t live without her,” he added.

“So, if God calls me, let me just do it, because he is the best,” he explained.

“He’s the only one who can believe it, no one else believes in me,” he said.

Source: grid.id

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