Insinuated Regret Divorce from Rachel Vennya, Here’s Niko Al Hakim’s Answer | 1NEWS

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“The benchmark of regret, not seen from the physical”

Dream – The broken household of Rachel Vennya and Niko Al Hakim is still being discussed by many netizens. There is even one netizen who insinuated Niko regretted getting divorced because Rachel looks slimmer and more beautiful.

“I’m sorry, you must have glowed up,” said one netizen.

Niko also does not deny that his ex-wife’s face is indeed beautiful. Not only now, he admits that from the very beginning, his ex-wife is indeed beautiful.

niko© in

“She has always been beautiful from the past, maybe you see her differently, because her appearance is different from that time, but that’s what I see from the first meeting and every day,” said Niko on his insta story.

Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband does not accept being called regretful of divorce from Rachel, because only seeing the appearance of his ex-wife who is said by netizens to be more beautiful now than when she was his wife.

“Anyway, the benchmark for regret must be physical,” he said.

The father of two also revealed that he and Rachel were both happy with their respective partners.

“We’re already happy with our respective paths and partners, so ciaw,” he said.

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Sorry Niko Al Hakim About Viral Videos: Until One Night We Lost Control

Dream – Niko Al Hakim was criticized by netizens, after a live Instagram video of himself with Hasan Alaydrus and his friend Elhan who was considered to have harassed women.

Seeing this, Niko also apologized to his fans.

“I felt really wrong that night, until the next day I immediately apologized to the person concerned, long before this case was raised,” said Niko AL Hakim on Instagram.

Niko realized that what he said that day had gone too far because he couldn’t control the atmosphere. Even though he had not previously discussed sensitive matters.

“Until one night we lost control, I feel really wrong that night,” he added.

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For Niko, playing live on Instagram is a new thing for him, because so far he has not been confident in front of the camera. And Instagram is his entertainment in the midst of his lonely days, after his divorce from Rachel Vennya.

“I thought I wasn’t confident in front of the camera why I was live, until finally Elnanda and I played live at 3 am while waiting for bed,” he said.

The sexual harassment case allegedly committed by Niko AL Hakim emerged after the video of him kissing Adhisty Zara also went viral on social media.

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Niko Al Hakim Deactivates Instagram Account, Netizen: Got Mental!

Dream – Following Adhisty Zara who closed his Instagram account because he continued to get ridicule from netizens, after his intimate video with Niko AL Hakim was spread. Now Niko is doing the same.

Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband also deactivated her Instagram account, after netizens continued to ‘attack’ her on social media.

There are no more photos and followers and followings on his Instagram.

Niko’s act of deactivating his Instagram is back in the spotlight of netizens. The gossip account @Lambe_turah uploaded this. Netizens were immediately busy giving comments.

niko© instagram

Got mentally, said the krlinanovie account.

Finally suneo and sizuka lost themselves, said the mumimantan account.

Facing problems on social media by running away from social media. Thought the case would be finished. Hmmm kins oh kins.. Aya aya waek,” said the abimana_fw account.

Even though they are not being chased by debt, why are they disappearing?,” said the novikazryd account.

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Amazingly Circulating Kiss Video Allegedly Adhisty Zara and Niko Al Hakim, Check the Facts

Dream – The name Adhisty Zara is trending again on social media, Twitter. This time, it’s about the intimate video that Zara allegedly shared with Niko AL Hakim.

In the video, a woman suspected of resembling Zara kisses the cheek of a man whose face resembles Niko Al Hakim.

At first the woman just kissed the man’s cheek, but suddenly the man turned to Zara and kissed the lips of the ‘Two Blue Lines’ actor.

This video was originally uploaded by Zara in insta stories which can only be seen by the closest people or entered into closed friends.

It’s just that this video was later spread and uploaded to a twitter account @areajulid and many netizens commented on.

“Zara, it’s time for you to select your close friend,” commented the Luxyriz account.

Zara and Niko have not provided clarification regarding the excitement of this video. It’s just that in the latest insta stories, Zara posted the word ‘Stale’.

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Involved in Mesra Video Scandal, Adhisty Zara Raib Instagram Account

Dream – Adhisty Zara seems to have been ‘hot’ and constantly gets ridicule from netizens because of a viral intimate video similar to her with Niko Al Hakim.

Zara’s Instagram account has disappeared and is no longer searchable on Instagram.

Various kinds of speculation directly made netizens. Many consider Zara’s action to be normal.

zara© instagram

Because a year ago, when Zara was involved in the same case she did something like this too. This netizen comment was seen through the gosio account @lambe_turah.

Temporarily inactive so you don’t get insulted,” said the sitita__ account.

Tar also if it has subsided, it’s active again,” said the banjarculinary_ account.

It will appear again a week later,” added the firahnsyahhreza account.

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