It’s raining, this man in China is desperate to wash his motorbike while waiting for the green light

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1NEWS, A video of a man washing his hair with shampoo on his motorbike while waiting for the green light in the pouring rain has recently gone viral in China. The man from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, looks relaxed, massaging his foamy head. Recorded by the driver of the car behind him, he looks like he is not wearing a top.

When questioned by the traffic police, the man admitted that he did it to relieve his bad mood after suddenly raining while he was swimming in a local park.

“I thought why not just fight this bad weather?” he said, quoted by the Global Times.

He was then advised by the police about the dangers of not wearing a helmet and driving with shampoo foam on his head. The man was also fined for a traffic violation.

“Good thing he had shampoo in his bag!” joked one netizen on Sina Weibo. []


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