Jharna Bhagwani Collaborates with Eka Gustiwana to Release Debut Single ‘Tell Me’

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Jharna Bhagwani Collaborates with Eka Gustiwana (Weird Genius) Releases Debut Single 'Tell Me'

Posted on: 09/5/21 at 7:00 am

Jharna Bhagwani popular in the digital realm because of its ability to be creative makeup from beautiful themes to unique characters. Jharna, a girl of mixed Indian-Indonesian blood who was born on August 26, 2002, has shown talent in the arts from a young age, from drawing, make-up, making videos, writing, including singing. All these things he learned self-taught through online media.

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Jharna’s interest in music is not new. Apart from coming from a family who loves music, he also used to express his feelings through writing and song lyrics as personal diary. His imagination and courage to experiment in creating characters and building emotions are also influenced by some of his favorite musicians, including: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Ic3peak (Russia) and Melanie Martinez.

On 27 August 2021, one day after turning 19 years old, Jharna announced single the premiere of ‘Tell Me’ which he co-created Eka Gustiwana from the EDM group Weird Genius. The song with a mid-tempo arrangement with dark experimental pop nuances can be enjoyed simultaneously on Spotify, Joox, Resso, Deezer, YouTube Music and other major digital music platforms.

Jharna Bhagwani #LathiChallenge

Jharna’s introduction to Eka can’t be separated from the video makeup tutorial at once lip sync #LathiChallenge (using the Weird Genius song ‘Lathi’) by Jharna which has gone viral on Tiktok and Instagram. Jharna said that one of his dreams was to make music, which was welcomed by Eka. “Early June 2021, I share to Sis Eka some song references and draft lyrics that I wrote. Due to the pandemic, brainstorm and exchange ideas only through on line. Then, in early August, he entered the recording studio. So about two months, the whole process, “said Jharna.

“Art works are my medium of exploration and experimentation. I like playing different characters,” Jharna explained. “I designed the concept, the message and what the results would be like. So far people have seen it from the video makeup-my. This time I had the opportunity to express my alter-ego in another form; songs and music videos,” he continued.

‘Tell Me’ tells the story of the conflict of betrayal, indecision and loss of trust due to a partner who is too controlling and a relationship full of sweet lies. Jharna hopes that listeners can appreciate his latest creations. But the main thing is the message in this song, that no one deserves to be in a relationship toxic.

Achievements as a Beauty Influencer

As a beauty influencer, Jharna already has millions of followers on her social media accounts. Since going viral with the #LathiChallenge, she received a number of award awards in 2020 and attracted even more followers, nationally and internationally; 10M on TikTok and 3.3M on Instagram.

Some of Jharna’s achievements:

  • Top 6 NYX Face Awards 2018
  • Beauty feast Asia 2019 “Breakout creator of the year”
  • Female Daily Best of Beauty Awards 2020 “Favorite Indonesian Beauty Content creator”
  • MakeOver Award 2020 “Best in creative Makeup Content”
  • TikTok Awards Indonesia 2020 “Best of Fashion and Beauty”
  • #BarbieGirlChallange with massive 294K reactions on TikTok.

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At a young age, Jharna had ambition and a deep understanding of what he wanted to do and conveyed it to the world through his work. Doi wants to continue to explore without limits and feel inspired while going through phases and emotions in his life. Ok, enjoy watching the MV (Music Video) single the premiere of Jharna Bhagwani which is definitely cool.

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Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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