JOYAL DUO!!! GREBEK in his rented boarding room. . .

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The boarding house at Yovan II on Jalan Merbabu, Ponorogo, was sealed by the police. The reason, Tuesday

In the morning when they were raided, it was found that there was a couple of underage students who were doing lewd things in the room.

After investigation, it turned out that they got the room from the previous room tenant via Instagram.

Lurah Nologaten, Julaidah said that initially residents reported to members of the bhabinkantibmas if they often saw young couples staying in the boarding room.

“Finally, I, together with members of the bhabinkantibmas and one village apparatus, came to the boarding house,” said Julaidah, Thursday.

According to him, when he was raided there was a young couple in the room. The boy is 17 years old and the girl is 16 years old. The two of them were caught having sex in the room.

“We immediately handed it over to the Resort Police for follow-up,” said Julaidah.

Julaidah also hopes that in the future this incident will not be repeated in her village environment. He also warned the owner of the boarding house to be careful. It also makes boundaries between male and female boarding houses.

“The boarding house is mixed, some are family, some are individuals,” he concluded.


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