Laura’s Love Welcomes Summer Via the Tempting Single ‘Markisa’

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Laura Love Welcomes Summer Through The Tempting Single 'Passion'

Posted on: 09/5/21 at 8:00 am

Photo: Sony Music Indonesia.

Cinta Laura back with a new surprise! There are not many young Indonesian actresses who, apart from working in the acting world, are also involved in the world of music, let alone releasing single periodically. One of which is Love Laura Kiehl. Through the label Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, Cinta released single his latest title is ‘Markisa’.

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Passion fruit is not only a fruit for Cinta, but also an inspiration for her new song. The use of the word ‘passionate’ as a title also has its own story. “It is common that some popular pop songs consist of one unique word or phrase within the lyrics chorus-his. While writing this song, I’m looking for a word that can describe the feeling of ‘spirit’ and what comes to mind is passion fruit. However, if you sing “passion fruit” all the time chorus must sound weird. Because of that, I decided to use the word ‘passion fruit’ which can also be pronounced “Ma Kiss ah” so as to add a seductive feel to this song,” said Cinta explained.

Cinta Laura Assisted by Eka Gustiwana and Her Team

Love is not alone in working on this song because it is helped Eka Gustiwana (Weird Genius) and his team, Melissa Sudarsono and Ganzerlana. “For the lyrics, I was assisted by Melissa. It only took two hours to write. Meanwhile, during the recording process, I was assisted by Eka who sat in the producer’s chair and there was Ganzerlana who recorded Indonesian musical instruments in this song. Given the freedom by Sony Music, I can create single ‘Markisa’ is exactly what I wanted,” added the Indo-German singer.

After the demo finished in mid-April, Cinta immediately entered the recording studio to record single this with the help of Kamga and Dhandy Annora in the mixing. “I recorded this song in May and it only took me five hours with help from Kamga as vocal director. However, the process is a bit long when entering the mixing and mastering because I’m very critical about various details so frequent revisions. At the time, it was really frustrating for me to have to go back and forth studios to get the music I wanted. I even listened to this song at ten speaker different to ensure the quality remains the same. Luckily, we finally managed to finish this song in mid-June. So, the total process took two months.”

Incorporating Various Genre and Cultural Elements

Different from singles Previously, a graduate of Columbia University, New York, ‘Markisa’ brought something new by including Bollywood-style music. “To be honest, in single Recently, I mixed many genres. There is Bollywood, dancehall, and pops. Yes, the melody of this song is inspired by my obsession with music new age Bollywood. As a producer, Eka managed to translate my ideas and inspirations to produce the tone I wanted.”

Even though the melody has a Bollywood nuance, Cinta still incorporates Indonesian culture into it singlethrough the use of traditional musical instruments. Some of them are Minang harps, saluang, and sarunai from Minang, Kalimantan sape and vocals, dangdut drums, to Sundanese drums. “In my opinion, young people need to promote Indonesian culture through pop music to show the wider community that traditional instruments can also be cool and made more modern. It’s time for us to show the world that Indonesian musical instruments can be heard catchy and iconic.

‘Passion’ becomes single First this Love in 2021. Singlethe last one is ‘Cloud 9’ which was released in April 2020. I already want to release single from August last year. However, I believe that everything that happens has a reason. I believe, there is a good reason why now is the right time to release a song.”

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Fresh, Juicy, Flirty

Love’s three words to describe this song are fresh, juicy, and flirty. “The word “fresh” because it attracts attention, “juicy” because it makes us confident and wants to dance, and “flirty” because it can be interpreted in various ways. I myself leave the visualization to the listeners, what they want to see or hear.”

With so many elements put into single In this case, be it local or international, Cinta wants ‘Markisa’ to be accepted by her listeners. “I hope that many people who can hear this song, appreciate the hard work I put into making this song, and can be proud of the culture that Indonesia has. I also want ‘Passion’ to be single an icon that can lift anyone’s spirits and make them happy and celebrate life.”

‘Passion’, single Laura Kiehl’s newest love can be heard on online music platforms starting September 3, 2021. Have fun rocking with the feel of summer.

Source: Press Release
Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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