Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun Officially Leave Boy Group GHOST9 | Kpop Chart

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Two personnel of the boy group GHOST9, Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun were declared out of the group.

This was announced directly by the agency Maroo Entertainment in their official statement on Sunday (05/09).

As stated by the agency:

“Hello. This is Maroo Entertainment.

We would like to announce that two members of GHOST9, Hwang Dong Jun and Lee Tae Seung, will be ending their promotions with the group.

The agency has spent a lot of time discussing with Hwang Dong Jun and Lee Tae Seung about their future career plans, and as a result of long discussions, we have decided to respect the decision of the two members and end their promotional activities as members of GHOST9.

Even though their promotions with the group have ended, please continue to give lots of support to the two people who will take their time before taking a new step forward, and we will also continue to give our full support to them.

GHOST9 is currently working hard on a new album, and we would like to thank the fans who have sent them lots of love and support over the years.

Please continue to look forward to and pay unchanging attention to GHOST9, who will return with a new look,” concluded the agency.

GHOST9 is known to debut as 9 members with the song ‘Think of Dawn’ in September 2020. (1NEWS)

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