Middle School Students Already Participated in Politics in 1964

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newsbali.com/illustration: big fortune/junior high school students have joined politics in 1964

The September 30, 1965 movement or known as the G30S PKI was a dark spot in the history of Indonesia. The trauma of communist ideology was deeply felt as a result of that incident. Traces of the dark history of the Indonesian nation can also be seen on the island of Bali.
One of the testimonies of the dark history of the G30S PKI incident, among others, was written by former journalist Putu Setia in the book “Journalists Become Pastors, Putu Setia’s Autobiography”. After becoming a Hindu priest, Putu Setia’s name changed to Ida Pandita Mpu Jaya Prema Ananda and was fondly called Mpu Jaya Prema.

In one of the chapters of this book, Putu Setia reviews in detail about the dark history of the G30S PKI incident, especially in the area where he lived at that time, namely in the Tabanan Regency area.

In 1964, Putu was only in the first grade of junior high school in Bajera Tabanan. At his school at that time Putu Setia was an intelligent student, especially in geometry and algebra.

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