Mirdad recalls admitting that he is still in the same house with Tyna: Still eating together, still chatting

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Mirdad recalls finally opening up about his household issues with Tyna Kanna Mirdad. He admitted that he was shocked to learn the news that he was being sued for divorce by Tyna. According to Kenang, he felt that he had not made a fatal mistake as a husband and head of the household.

“Surprised, obviously surprised. From me, I feel I haven’t done anything fatal. What fatal error? I’m not domestic violence, I’m doing my job as the head of the household. I was also surprised because of that,” he said, quoted from the Cumicumi YouTube channel on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Regarding various oblique issues related to Tyna, Kenang admitted that he wanted to suppress various rumors circulating out there. He considers that maintaining Tyna’s good name is one of his duties as a husband.

“On that issue, I really want to reduce it. Because after all, I’m still Tyna’s husband and it’s my job to protect her good name. So for that matter, it’s just my business with Tyna.”

Even though his household is on the verge of breaking up, Kenang admits that he is still on good terms with Tyna. The two of them even live in the same house and maintain communication.

Tyna Kanna and Recalls Mirdad. Photo: Instagram @kenangmirdad

“My communication with Tyna has been fine until now, we are still in the same house, still eating together, still chatting,” he said.

As is known, Kenang does not deny that he wants to maintain a household that has existed for 12 years.

“From my side, it’s clear that I regret it, it’s a shame it’s been 12 years of marriage, and 2 children. What else are you looking for? It’s family. We can still meet our monthly needs, take our children for walks, eat out, it’s all safe… So right now I want to talk a lot with Tyna, what exactly is that? How come it’s so big like this?”

Statements by Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou

Lydia Kandou, as Tyna’s mother-in-law, admitted that at first she did not know about the problems in her child’s household. According to the senior actress, it was Tyna who distanced herself from Nana Mirdad.

“Auntie didn’t even know how it started. Auntie herself was originally from reading comments from people on Tyna’s IG. ‘Oh my son unfollowed?’ so. From that unfollow…. Tyna who distanced herself from Nana. At first, my aunt only knew that, tok.”

Even a month before the divorce lawsuit was filed, Tyna had sent food to Lydia Kandou.

“A month before Tyna said she wanted to separate, she still sent all rendang. ‘Mah I brought rendang. Mommy how are you happy? Who would have thought that a month later it was a mess.”

Lydia Kandou with Tyna Kanna, Recalls Mirdad and family
Lydia Kandou is with Tyna Kanna, Recall Mirdad and family. Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Jamal Mirdad himself refused to comment much on the child’s household.

“It’s not that I don’t want to talk, but it’s better if the news is true or not, I’m just the father. who experienced, who lived, who knows exactly is my child. As a parent, he already has a very good household, it’s not good if I have to interfere if not from my own children, “he said.

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