Muslim Tretan Accidentally Finds Coki’s Painting at Home: It Turns Out

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Muslim Tretan and Coki Pardede.  (Instagram/tretanmuslim)

Muslim Tretan finds Coki Pardede’s painting. (Instagram/tretanmuslim)

1NEWS – Komika Coki Pardede has officially been named a suspect in the drug case that ensnared him. Coki has also expressed apologies to his family and closest people after being dragged into a drug case.

At the same time and in a different place, a figure who has often been seen close and created content with Coki Pardede, Tretan Muslim also opened his voice. Like a hunch, Tretan Muslim revealed that about a week ago he accidentally found Coki’s painting.

Not only that, Muslim Tretan also suddenly had the desire to display Coki’s painting in his home.

Muslim Tretan and Coki Pardede. (Instagram/tretanmuslim)

“About a week ago, when I was tidying up, I accidentally found this Coki painting and I don’t know why I want it to be displayed at home. It turns out that there was a Why Why Why incident,” wrote Tretan Muslim in his post.

“3 years ago in the months of September-October like this we both had done Ultra Why cooking. Indeed, if there was a cheerful September slogan, it was very stupid,” he added.

Then, Tretan Muslim wrote an encouraging sentence for Coki Pardede.

Muslim Tretan finds Coki Pardede's painting.  (Instagram/tretanmuslim)
Muslim Tretan finds Coki Pardede’s painting. (Instagram/tretanmuslim)

“Sorry @cokipardede666 battle who is more Why this time won by you. See you on the other side, Lucifer reborn,” said Tretan Muslim.

A series of colleagues and netizens also commented on the Muslim Tretan upload. They said they agreed and sympathized with Tretan Muslim and Coki Pardede.

“Coki is too deep into his role as a lost youth, until he realizes that the punch line is himself,” wrote netizens.

“Why level 1000 percent,” other netizen comments.

“Why am I sad to see this?” said another.

Muslim Tretan and Coki Pardede.  (Instagram/tretanmuslim)
Muslim Tretan and Coki Pardede. (Instagram/tretanmuslim)

As previously reported, Komika Coki Pardede was named a suspect. Not alone, he is with WL alias Welly and RA who are also suspects.

“We have temporarily named three people as suspects,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus at the Tangerang City Police Station, Saturday (4/9/2021).

Furthermore, Yusri said that the three had different roles. Welly is a courier, RA is a supplier, while Coki is a drug user.

Investigators are currently investigating the case of Coki Pardede’s arrest. Moreover, Welly has worked as a crew member who knows many public figures.

“WL used to work as a crew in several public figure activities. Then, he got to know a lot of public figures,” said Yusri.


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