My sister said the VW car was a gift from Ustaz Arifin for Alvin Faiz: Larissa Chou borrowed

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Upload the account @timrumahcici and Alvin Faiz with a white VW car.  Photo: Instagram

Alvin Faiz’s sister, Ameer Azzikra spoke up about the car chaos between her brother and Larissa Chou!

Even though they are officially divorced, the chaos between Alvin Faiz and Larissa Chou is still not over. Later, the Instagram account @timrumahcici uploaded an Instagram Story about the VW (Volkswagen) car that was often used by Larissa Chou was taken. This is the reason Larissa Chou buys a new car because it makes it easier for her and Yusuf to mobilize.

“Cici is really a role model, VW was taken now, I bought it again with the results of my own hard work to take Yusuf everywhere,” he wrote in Instagram Stories.

Although the account did not mention who it was taken by, netizens suspect that the VW car was taken by Alvin Faiz. This can be proven from Alvin Faiz’s Instagram Story. He had re-uploaded his sister-in-law’s Instagram Story while recording himself driving a white VW car with his new wife, Henny Rahman.

In addition, recently Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman went to Bandung to meet with Yusuf. Many suspect that Alvin Faiz not only met Yusuf but also took the VW car.

This incident also angered many netizens. Many have showered Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman with negative comments.

Upload the account @timrumahcici and Alvin Faiz with a white VW car. Photo: Instagram

Alvin Faiz’s sister’s explanation about the car chaos

Responding to the chaotic car case with Larissa Chou, Ameer Azzikra who is Alvin Faiz’s younger brother also spoke up. He said that Larissa only borrowed the car to take Yusuf.

“For example, according to Ameer, the car was borrowed to accompany Yusuf. Yesterday after we went to Bandung, Bang Alvin used his car at the same time,” he said as quoted by Suara.

Ameer also made sure that Alvin had no wrongful intentions and was ready to fulfill Yusuf’s various needs.

Zira and Ameer.  Photo: Instagram @enazirashf_
Zira and Ameer. Photo: Instagram @enazirashf_

“Then in the future, surely the name Alvin loves his son, loves Yusuf, meaning that Yusuf’s needs will be fulfilled, God willing, Alvin will fulfill it,” he said.

Ameer also straightened out that the car was a gift from the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham to Alvin Faiz, not a wedding gift.

“As far as Ameer knows, it’s not like that (Alvin-Larissa’s wedding gift) but indeed the car is for Alvin… I really remember Ameer at that time when I gave it to Alvin, wow, Alvin got it, thank God,” he added.

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