PITY !!! Because he could no longer stand serving his father’s lecherous lust, the victim finally told the story

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Is really depraved behavior (34). Instead of protecting his child, this resident of Jalan Tapung District, Kampar Riau District, has the heart to have sex child his own birth, T (15) to repeatedly.

Head of Public Relations of the Riau Police AKBP Guntur Aryo Tejo said, after receiving a report from the victim’s family, police immediately investigated and arrested the father.

“When interrogated, the perpetrator (Is) admitted his actions and reasoned he made a mistake because he couldn’t stand seeing the victim when he only used a towel,” Guntur told reporters.

Data in police mentioned, the beginning of Is’s actions occurred some time ago. At that time the perpetrator saw his son only using a towel after bathing. I don’t know what demon was in Is’s mind, he immediately dragged the victim onto the bed.

Although the child reminded him and screamed and struggled with all his might, Is even more violent and threatened and then raped his son. The perpetrator threatened the victim not to tell anyone about the incident.

Not only that, a few days passed, Is again doing his depraved acts when his wife was not at home. He forced the victim to serve his perverted lust. Even though she had refused, the victim was unable to resist the power of her biological father until she was raped again.

Because he could no longer stand serving his father’s lecherous desires, the victim finally told his mother about the incident until it was reported to the authorities on Tuesday.

It didn’t take long for the police who had received a report to immediately find the whereabouts of the perpetrator and arrest him.

“The perpetrator has been arrested, at this time we have carried out an investigation and the perpetrator is immediately arrested,” he said


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