Praised by netizens, Kiky Saputri emphasizes that the ‘Lapor Pak’ event will not invite Saipul Jamil

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Kiky Saputri.  Photo: Instagram

Comedian Kiky Saputri opened up about the controversy over Saipul Jamil’s appearance on television. This stems from a tweet from the Twitter account @ezkisuyanto which uploaded a behind-the-scenes photo of the process of filming a television program. In the photo, Saipul Jamil is seen doing a sitcom with several other performers, one of them is Wendi Cagur.

“TV stations have lost their sense of sanity, have no empathy and sympathy that victims of abuse suffer for life, making the perpetrators feel like they’ve never done it, hypocrites like people who are criticized in their news and talk shows. wait!!” wrote @ezkisuyanto.

In response to the tweet, many netizens suspected that Saipul Jamil was filming for the ‘Lapor Pak’ event. Kiky Saputri as one of the regular performers in the comedy program opened her voice. He confirmed that the photo was taken during the ‘Joking But Relax’ (BTS) program, not ‘Lapor Pak’.

“That’s not Report Sir, it’s BTS. It didn’t even show up. Due to objections from some talent parties. The photos circulating are from the manager in question when tapping,” he wrote on Twitter on Sunday, September 5.

Kiky Saputri also emphasized that the producers, crew, and talents of the ‘Lapor Pak’ show are committed not to invite Saipul Jamil.

“Our producer (LAPOR PAK) will not invite. Thank you :)… The crew and all the talents of Lapor Pak have acted not to invite. So there’s no more “what if… if only…” because we really won’t invite.”

Saipul Jamil’s critic action

Various strong protests continued to flow along with the appearance of Saipul Jamil on national television. One of the public figures who also spoke out in this regard was Angga Sasongko. The director even admitted to terminating all cooperation agreements with TV featuring Saipul Jamil.

According to Angga, the value of his work which is claimed to be child-friendly is contrary to television stations that still feature Saipul Jamil.

Saipul Jamil
Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: Lightning

“This notification is intended to support the movement against the celebration of perpetrators of sexual violence against children in the media, as well as to raise awareness about the importance of media that respects our children,” he tweeted on September 5, 2021.

Apart from Angga Sasongko, Arie Kriting, Ernest Prakarsa, and Zoya Amirin also took similar actions.

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