Prediction Ecuador VS Chile, 2022 World Cup Qualification Round South America Zone

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1NEWS – The follow-up match in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round for the South American Zone this time will be heated. Some of the national teams that competed also had a dwindling opportunity in the match at the beginning of the week. Ecuador’s match against the Chilean national team is scheduled to take place on Monday (6/9) early in the morning at 04.00 WIB at the Estadio De Liga Deportiva Universitaria.

The Ecuador national team is in third place in the Americas zone standings. They have already earned twelve points in that position with a total of four wins. Three disappointing results experienced by Ecuador from the previous seven qualifying round matches. This opportunity will not be wasted by Ecuador who are only three points adrift of Argentina in second place.

Meanwhile, his opponent this time is Chile, who is in seventh position in the American zone standings. Occupying this position, Chile has only packed six points throughout the previous seven matches. Chile is in seventh position with an aggregate goal advantage over Bolivia, who are below them with Peru and Venezuela in last place.

Statistical data for the meeting between Ecuador VS Chile

Indeed, judging by the records that have been produced in the previous match, it shows the best strength of Ecuador. Previously, they had also produced four wins from the seven American zone qualifying matches. Of the last five matches played, Ecuador also produced one win and two draws.

Previously, they had drawn twice when they met Venezuela and Peru in the same competition. Competing against Brazil, the Ecuadorian national team also managed to achieve a 1-1 draw which then continued in their defeat against Argentina. His last match against Paraguay was won this week.

While the record produced by the Chilean national team is still a lot of disappointment. Of the last five matches played, Chile only managed to win in one match. The match against Bolivia which took place in mid-June and then they played with a narrow 1-0 victory. Continued in the draw against Uruguay in the Copa America.

In the other three matches, Chile were defeated by Paraguay in the Copa America group stage matches. Had met Brazil twice in different events, they fell with a narrow defeat score.

The second condition of the national team

Ecuador’s national team did not have serious problems on all fronts. They are believed to be performing optimally in this match by lowering the main squad. Ecuador is predicted to field a 3-4-3 formation in the match earlier this week. With this strategy, the national team put the figures of Mena, Valencia and Rojas in the first row.

The role of the middle sector will be colored by the appearance of Castillo, Gruezo, Gaibor and Estupinan. The Ecuadorian defense will be maximized by the appearance of Arreaga et al. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Galandez continues to play a role in front of the Ecuadorian goal.

From the national team Chile, they are believed to be playing a 5-3-2 scheme in the match earlier this week. Chile will field Morales and Vargas in pole position. There is the role of Aranguiz, Pulgar and Arturo Vidal in their midfield. The performance of Chile’s back line will be played by Mena et al. Bravo goalkeeper still fills his position under the crossbar.

From stock exchange statistics online slot gambling as well as the scheme shown by the two countries above, it is still possible for the match this time to be controlled by Ecuador. They have ambition and strong capital to face Chile’s five defenders. However, it is predicted that the Ecuadorian national team will only win with a thin score in this match.

Predicted Score Ecuador vs Chile: 2 – 1

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