Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

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Madurese Artist

Madura is an island located in the northeast of East Java. Having the Suramadu Bridge as a distinctive icon, who would have thought that Sumenep Regency gave birth to so many talented artists. This Madurese artist also enlivened the archipelago’s entertainment scene.

In the shape of a cow’s body if seen from the map, the Madurese are famous for their outspoken and firm style of speech. Even the Madurese are known to be frugal, very disciplined, and work hard. For the Madurese, self-esteem is an aspect that must be embedded in oneself.

So, who are the artists from Carok’s homeland?

9 Artists from Madura

1. Irwan Krisdiyanto

First, there is Irwan Krisdiyanto who was born in Bluto, Sumenep, November 17, 1993. Irwan’s figure has soared since joining the dangdut event that was broadcast on Indosiar.

Irwan first appeared to attract the attention of dangdut music lovers in 2015, to be precise at the Dangdut Academy Indonesia 2 contest or commonly abbreviated as D’Academy 2.

The vocalist, who was previously active with his friends in the Sumenep Vertical Band, managed to bring the name of his birthplace to fame on the global scene. Thanks to his achievements, Irwan managed to win third place in D’Academy 2 in 2015.

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2. Artist from Madura: Ardea Annafianti Cahyani

Madurese Artist

This elegant girl was born in Sumenep, March 20, 2001. Since she was little, Dea, as she is known, has been diligently performing on regional singing entertainment stages. Call it the National Children’s Day (HAN) singing competition, Radio Star, and others.

Furthermore, Dea has also been in the world of singing since the 3rd grade of elementary school (SD) in her homeland, East Kalianget Village, Sumenep, Madura, East Java. The daughter of the couple Supriyadi & Situ Yulaichah managed to become one of the finalists in the national level event, namely the Indonesian Dangdut Contest (KDI) 2018.

His debut album titled ‘Bintang Kelalen’ in Javanese-Malay language by Anton Obama was broadcast on the Hits Record youtube channel in early February 2019.

3. Firdaus Sanjaya

Madurese Artist Source: YouTube

Firdaus suddenly caught the public’s attention when he hit the stage of D’Academy (DA) Indosiar. This young man born in 1995 from Sumenep managed to look stunning on the D’Academy 4 Indosiar stage in 2017.

His appearance at that time was no less stunning and captured the attention of the people of the country, especially the people of the eastern tip of the island of Madura. Unfortunately, Firdaus’ struggle had to stop at the top 28 of the country’s top dancers.

4. Jhonny Iskandar, an Artist from Madura who is already a senior

Madurese Artist

Not only teenagers, there are other artists from Madura who are already seniors. Jhonny Iskandar, a dangdut singer, is a native man born in Sumenep, Madura, East Java, born October 20, 1960.

Jhonny first became popular in the 1980s to 1990s as a solo singer and lead vocalist for the witty dangdut music group, OM PMR. As a solo singer, the most popular hit ‘Not Beggars of Love’ spoiled the listeners.

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5. Randy Martin Pitono

Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

Randy Martin Pitono has also been an artist from Madura since 2016. The teenager who was born on November 18, 1998 is classified as a multitalented young person. How not, Randy is good at acting, presenter, wushu, and singing.

No doubt, he often appears in various business advertisements for Indonesian homeland products and is rich in achievements. Randy played the role of Agas in the soap opera Monkey Cantik 2 and the series Ganteng-Ganteng Srigala (GGS) on SCTV, and was nominated for the 2016 SCTV Music Awards.

6. Yus Yunus

Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

Who doesn’t know Yus Yunus? His presence colored the country’s dangdut music event. Yus was born in Sumenep on September 19, 1962. His popular song was titled ‘Saputangan Merah’ in 1992.

Not complacent, Yus then released the song ‘Malaysian Girl’ which was also a success at that time. In addition to releasing a solo album, the singer from Sumenep has also released a number of duet albums.

One of the most popular duet songs is the song ‘Taxi Driver and Village Girl’ which is sung with dangdut singer and judge at D’Academy Indosiar Iis Dahlia.

7. Imam S Arifin

Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

Having the real name Imam Sunaryo Arifin, this artist was born in Sumenep in 1960. His name has become famous since creating the single ‘Menari di Atas Luka’.

Imam has also produced a number of solo albums, namely Doa SuciImam, Berdayung Cinta, The Best Imam S Arifin Vol.

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8. Marissa Haque, Beautiful and Talented Artist from Madura

Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

Marissa Haque’s name soared as one of the top actresses who excelled in the 80s. The wife of Ikang Fawzi has played dozens of feature films in that decade. Quitting the big screen, he plunged into politics.

Marissa Haque was born in Balikpapan, October 15, 1962 to Allen Haque and Nike Suharyah. Marissa’s father is of Dutch-French descent, while her mother is originally from Sumenep, Madura, East Java. His two younger siblings, Soraya Haque and Shahnaz Haque are also in the world entertainment.

9. Ferrasta Soebardi

Proud, 9 Artists from Madura Who Made Indonesia proud with Achievements

The last one is Ferrasta Soebardi or better known as Pepeng who is an Indonesian artist and comedian. Famous since his role in the film “Rojali dan Juleha” (1979) then joined the comedy group Sergeant Prambors (1986).

Pepeng has been around for a long time in the entertainment world, especially in the comedy world. His career began in college when he won the Student Comedy Competition in 1978 as the first winner.

The couple from Utami Maraim Siti Aissyah was born on September 23, 1954 in Sumenep and died on May 6, 2015 ago in Cinere District, Depok, West Java.

Is there an artist from Madura that is your favorite?

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