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Persija drew 1-1 against PSS in the 2021 Liga 1 match which was held at the Pakansari Cibinong Stadium, Bogor Regency, Sunday (5/9) night.

Persija managed to take the lead in the 17th minute through Yann Motta’s goal. Meanwhile, PSS was able to reply in the 67th minute through Irkham Milla.

In this match, Persija immediately took over the game and dominated the attack in the first half.

In the 10th minute Persija got a chance through Yann Motta’s header which was still easily secured by PSS goalkeeper, Ega Rizky Pramana.

Yann Motta is back to be the scourge of PSS. In the 17th minute, the Brazilian defender of Persija managed to bring the Kemayoran Tiger Team ahead through his sontekannya which resulted in a goal.

Persija managed to get another chance through attacker Taufik Hidayat’s header in the 29th minute.

Meanwhile, PSS got the best chance through winger Irfan Jaya who did a 55-meter solo run in the 30th minute.

Unfortunately, Irfan Jaya’s finishing was still too weak and could be easily secured by Persija goalkeeper Andritany Ardhiyasa.

The match is getting more exciting. Persija winger Riko Simanjuntak had time to bully the PSS goalkeeper with a hard shot that still bounced over the bar in the 34th minute.

However, PSS immediately responded quickly by responding with a hard shot from Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan which was still able to be driven away by Persija defender Otavio Dutra in the 41st minute.

PSS was finally able to make it 1-1 in the 67th minute through striker Irkham Mila.

The goal started with Irfan Jaya crossing, then it could be continued with Arsyad Yusgiantoro’s shot.

Arsyad’s shot was initially blocked by Andritany, but then released and the rebound was used by Irkham Mila to score.

The 1-1 score did not change until this match ended. Both teams had to settle for sharing one point.


PSS (4-3-3): Ega Rizky; Bagus Nirwanto, Mario Maslac, Aaron Evans, Arthur Irawan; Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, Asyraq Gufran, Irkham Mila; Irfan Bachdim, Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Irfan Jaya

Persija (4-4-2): Andritany Ardhiyasa; Marco Motta, Otavio Dutra, Yann Motta, M Rezaldi Hehanusa; Riko Simanjuntak, Tony Sucipto, Rohit Chand, Osvaldo Haay; Marko Simic, Taufik Hidayat.


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