Raul Lemos Uploads Portrait of Amora on her Birthday: More like Krisdayanti!

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Raul Lemos celebrates Amora Lemos' birthday.  (Instagram/raullemos06)

1NEWS – Amora Lemos is celebrating her 10th birthday. The daughters of Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos were also flooded with congratulations and prayers, including their parents.

In his upload, Raul Lemos shows a sweet portrait of Amora Lemos. The princess looked so charming in her traditional dress.

Raul Lemos celebrates Amora Lemos’ birthday. (Instagram/raullemos06)

In the caption, Raul Lemos was so enthusiastic about welcoming Amora’s birthday. Krisdayanti’s husband said that Amora was the most beautiful and amazing daughter in the world.

For Raul Lemos, Amora is the most beautiful gift he has ever had.

“My dearest daughter! Today dawn feels even more special. Today is your special day. You are the most beautiful and amazing princess in the world. Having you is the most beautiful gift,” wrote Raul Lemos, Sunday (5/9/2021).

Raul Lemos celebrates Amora Lemos' birthday.  (Instagram/raullemos06)
Raul Lemos celebrates Amora Lemos’ birthday. (Instagram/raullemos06)

Not to forget, Raul Lemos said the most beautiful prayer for Amora. He hopes Amora can get a lot of happiness and a life full of love.

“I wish you many wonderful surprises, happiness and gifts. May you continue to brighten the lives of your family and loved ones. Be a sweet and loving girl to those around you. Happy 10th birthday, I love you so much, son! Sorry I can’t be by your side right now,” he added.

Krisdayanti and Amora Lemos.  (Youtube/TheLemos)
Krisdayanti and Amora Lemos. (Youtube/TheLemos)

The cute portrait of Amora Lemos immediately attracted a lot of attention. Uniquely, not a few netizens say that Amora is increasingly similar to Krisdayanti at an increasingly mature age.

“It’s grown so it looks like Mimi KD, really beautiful,” wrote netizens.

“Beautiful. Gemesh with Amora’s hair,” commented another netizen.

“Happy birthday, all of us dear Amora,” said another.


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