Regarding Nikita Mirzani, Dipo Latief Cannot Access Children

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1NEWS, Nikita Mirzani’s feud with her ex-husband, Dipo Latief, is not over. Now entering a new chapter in the legal process related to allegations of child neglect.

Dipo Latief admitted that until now, he had never met A, who was the son of his marriage to Nikita Mirzani.

He claims that Nikita Mirzani was denied access when he tried to meet his son. This is because they divorced when Niki, Nikita Mirzani’s nickname, had two bodies.

“At that time, I was looking for his business, before he was born. But after the child was born, I don’t think I was given instructions from God or the opportunity to be there, meaning I really didn’t need to be there,” said Dipo at a press conference in the Blok M area. , South Jakarta, Saturday (4/9/2021).

Because he did not get access, Dipo Latief finally gave up. However, Nikita Mirzani accused him of being an irresponsible man. He was silent when accused of various things by his ex-wife.

“It turned out to be true, what did he say in the media, so I just kept quiet. If I don’t get access when the baby is born, I won’t look for it anymore,” said Dipo Latief.

However, Dipo Latief actually already knew and was not surprised by Nikita Mirzani’s attitude. Because, he saw that it also happened to another ex-husband of Nikita, Sajad Ukra.

“The truth happened with his second child. His father was not given access. Finally I saw it, so there was no need to repeat the same story,” added Dipo Latief.

The feud between Nikita Mirzani and Dipo Latief began when Dipo Latief filed a pretrial lawsuit for the embezzlement case he reported to Nikita Mirzani.

Dipo’s move sparked Nikita Mirzani’s anger by reporting his ex to the South Jakarta Police for child neglect.[]


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