Regarding UAS’s push to be arrested, PA 212 attacks NU clerics: Gus Muwafiq and M Kece are the same!

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Gus Muwafiq.  Photo: Instagram

Recently, news circulated that there was a call for Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) to be arrested for blasphemy against another religion. However, not a few parties also defended UAS, one of which was the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212, and they even compared him to the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) cleric, namely Gus Muwafiq.

This was stated by the Deputy Secretary General of PA 212, Novel Bamukmin.

He considered it a big mistake if there was support for UAS to be arrested. On the other hand, he pushed for the arrest of not UAS, but Gus Muwafiq.

Novel Bamukmin explained, Gus Muwafiq had clearly insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

“(UAS) Unlike Gus Muwafiq, what we reported clearly blasphemed Islam,” said Novel Bamukmin, quoting Sound (Hops Network) on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Gus Muwafiq. Photo: Instagram

In addition, Novel also revealed about Gus Muwafiq’s educational background which he considered unclear.

That’s why Novel said that Gus Muwafiq was no different from YouTuber Muhammad Kece, who was recently arrested for insulting Islam.

“Including the background of ‘gus’, it is no different from Kece, that’s it, Muwafiq,” he added.

UAS arrest call

As is known, PDIP politician Ruhut Sitompul had asked the police to also arrest UAS for alleged blasphemy.

Ruhut argued that UAS had also committed acts of alleged blasphemy as did Muhammad Kece and Yahya Waloni.

“I ask not only Yahya Waloni, but others, including Ustaz Abdul Somad,” said Ruhut Sitompul.

He also reiterated the UAS statement in a lecture that insulted Christianity because it said ‘there is a genie on the cross’.

“Isn’t he insulting?

PA response 212

PA 212 mass action. Photo: Suara.
PA 212 mass action. Photo: Suara.

Meanwhile Novel Bamukmin considered the PDIP politician to have misunderstood about UAS’s remarks which were considered blasphemy against religion.

“It adds to the misunderstanding and failure to understand Ruhut Sitompul,” said Novel Bamukmin.

According to him, he who is also part of the UAS attorney understands what his client is saying.

UAS, according to this PA 212 official, was only carrying out his duties as a preacher.

“As his main duty in maintaining the creed of Muslims,” ​​claims Novel Bamukmin.

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