Remembering Manchester City’s Worst Season, Ever Almost Relegated

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“Before Sheikh Mansour saved the fate of the club. Money speaks”

1NEWS – Manchester City have quickly become one of the most successful clubs in the Premier League era having won the title in the 2011/12, 2013/14, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2020/21 seasons.

And this season Manchester City are the favorites of many to win the Premier League title. With top-class talents such as Kevin De Bruyne, Ruben Dias, Ederson and Jack Grealish adorning their squad, it certainly makes sense.

And indeed it seems that Manchester City will win a fourth Premier League title in just five years.

But the question is where did it all start? Whereas Manchester City used to be just a club as it is.

It all started in 2008, when the takeover of Sheikh Mansour’s Abu Dhabi United Group was a turning point for City’s success.

Since then City have become a royal club every time the transfer market. And the club completely overhauled the squad. We can see the result as of now.

Man City’s Worst Season Before Sheikh Mansour’s Era

However, Manchester City must not forget history, that before the era of Sheikh Mansour, City was like an arid desert and dry achievements.

One of Manchester City’s worst seasons was in the 2006/07 season, to put the context, at that time City were coached by Stuart Pearce with the players including Darius Vassell, Richard Dunne, Sun Jihai, Stephen Ireland, Ousmane Dabo and Daniel Sturridge.

That season Manchester City finished 14th with 11 wins, nine draws and 18 defeats, which might not sound all that horrendous until you remember that they finished just four points above the relegation zone.

The Citizens at that time could only score 10 league goals at home and it was an all-time low in the Premier League. According to the Premier League’s official website, Huddersfield Town equaled the record of just 10 goals in 2018/19 before Fulham finally broke last season’s record with just nine goals.

Manchester City also didn’t even manage to score a Premier League home goal in 124 days.

Not to mention the fact that Manchester City were knocked out of the League Cup by losing to third tier club Chesterfield and it really ended a bad year for the club based at the Etihad Stadium.

Of course, the season wasn’t as bad as falling to League One as it was in 1998–99.
But from this story, we can conclude that an injection of money can quickly change fate.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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