Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Jonathan Frizzy Rumored to Have Married Siri, Dhena Devanka: It Hurts the Heart…

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Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Jonathan Frizzy Rumored to Have Married Siri, Dhena Devanka: It Hurts the Heart…

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka (Instagram/ijonkfrizzy)

Dhena Devanka is known to have filed for divorce from Jonathan Frizzy at the South Jakarta Religious Court. The inaugural trial for the divorce of Dhena and the man who is familiarly called Ijonk will be held on 16 September.

Dhena confirmed that the decision to divorce had been considered for a long time. In a press conference on Saturday (4/9/2021), Dhena admitted that the decision was very difficult because Dhena and Ijonk have been blessed with three children.

“This must also be a very difficult decision. My friends know that I love my children very much,” said Dhena Devanka along with 2 of her lawyers.

“But also here I have to take this decision after a very long deliberation.” he continued.

When Dhena Devanka was asked about the issue, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti was mentioned as the third person in her household with Ijonk. Dhena seemed reluctant to answer and admitted that she had only met Ririn once.

“Yes, I don’t want to answer hahaha. Have you met (Ririn) in 2019, after that no,” said Dhena.

“I never accompany (Ijonk shooting).” he continued.

When the media crew asked about rumors that Ijonk and Ririn had been married in an unregistered marriage, Dhena Devanka looked surprised and didn’t know about it.

“Ha? Shock. I want to sing hahahaha. What is it?” answered Dhena.

“Our hope is that it’s just a rumor, because he has to take care of his family,” said Ibnu Ali as Dhena’s attorney.

“That’s what they asked (the truth about unregistered marriage).” he continued.

Dhena also hopes that the news is just a rumor. Dhena then reminded that Ijonk has 3 children whose feelings must be taken care of.

“I was surprised too, really, yes. I hope not,” said Dhena.

“Because we have 3 children. I don’t want to hurt my son’s heart.” he said.

Regarding the allegation of Domestic Violence (KDRT), Dhena is again reluctant to answer because it is still in the legal process. Dhena has also prepared evidence and witnesses for the domestic violence case she reported.

“We can’t discuss domestic violence too deeply because it’s still under investigation. We hope you all respect the process,” said Dhena.

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“Already (there is evidence), the witness is just waiting for the next step. Please pray for this case to be quick and finished,” said Ibn Ali.


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