Romelu Lukaku: Don’t Compare Me to Cristiano Ronaldo!

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“After competing in Serie A, who is the best in the Premier League this season.”

1NEWS – For famous soccer players, being compared to each other is unavoidable. However, humility is one thing that makes him more comfortable in dealing with comparisons. Take Romelu Lukaku for example.

Lukaku was quick to admit Ronaldo was superior when people compared him, even though last season they were in contention for the top scorer in Serie A. However, Ronaldo emerged as the top scorer with 29 goals. While Lukaku was able to spearhead Inter Milan won the title with 24 goals. And now the two strikers are set to face each other in the Premier League this season.

When asked by the newspaper network HLN (Het Laatste Nieuws) after moving to Chelsea, Lukaku called Ronaldo one of the greatest players in the history of football. He did not seem to dare to minimize the comparison between himself and the player who had just scored the record for most goals at the international level.

“Never compare me to Cristiano Ronaldo, we will never compare…”

“I will not give him a rating, not one to three. Cristiano Ronaldo for me is one of the three best players in the history of football,” he concluded.

Ronaldo and Lukaku are tipped to reignite the goal-scoring battle in the Premier League.

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After a fierce battle for the Golden Boot in Serie A, it looks like Ronaldo and Lukaku will continue their battle, but this time in a different league.

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has been the talk of the world, especially in the City of Manchester in recent weeks. The Portuguese superstar decided to return to his native home in a dramatic way, just the last few days before the summer transfer window closed.

On the other hand, Lukaku emerged as Chelsea’s main transfer target after failing to catch Erling Haaland. The Blues launched a bid of more than £100 million for the Belgian. The Blues were able to bring him from Inter Milan, Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge after his departure seven years ago.

“When Chelsea made their third offer, I knew it was serious and I wasn’t thinking about Milan anymore. Chelsea offered 110 million euros plus Zappacosta, but Inter said no. So I told (Simone) Inzaghi: Inter pulled me out of trouble, but I wanted to leave only because of Chelsea.

Now, Lukaku has started his Premier League goals after scoring on his second Chelsea debut against Arsenal last month.

While Ronaldo has yet to feature for Manchester United this season, it is likely that he will make his Red Devils debut against Newcastle United next week at Old Trafford.

(atmaja wijaya/yul)

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