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Rossa immediately took Gaza to her record label

Dream – Not qualifying as a finalist for Indonesian Idol 2020 did not discourage Gaza Ali. Instead, he can now have a career as a soloist thanks to Rossa.

Gaza Ali recounted the first time he met Rossa. This woman from Sumedang is already attracted to him and invites Gaza to join his label, Inspire Music.

In fact, Gaza also immediately made a single entitled ‘More Than Love’.

“After Indonesia Idol, I was contacted by Teteh (Rossa) to come to his office and from there it was amazing. Until now it feels really dreamy,” Gaza said through a virtual press conference, Friday, September 3, 2021.

Gaza explained that Rossa was also quite involved with this new single. According to him, Rossa had helped him choose the palgi.

“Teteh helped me to choose and at that time Teteh was in the master process, Teteh was like giving opinions. For example, ‘Oh, this is not enough, this is not enough, or too much,” he said.

In addition, this 17-year-old teenager said that he did not have any significant problems while going through the process of making this song.

“During the process of making the song there were no significant obstacles, Alhamdulillah everything was made easier,” he added.

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Rossa’s Newest Song for All Women in Indonesia

Dream – The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop Rossa from working. The proof is that the Indonesian pop diva continues to produce a new single during the Covid-19 pandemic, entitled Woman.

The new single by the mother of one child was created by musician Ryan D’Masiv and arranged by Lale and Ilman. This song motivates women to continue to pursue their dreams. Through this song, Rossa wants to invite everyone to love the woman who is present in our lives.

Rossa hasn’t had time to make a music video because it’s still hindered by the pandemic, but for music lovers who want to see it visually, you can enjoy the lyric video that’s already aired on Rossa’s YouTube account. In the lyric video, Rossa shows women from various professions.

“In the lyric video, we give an overview of women, from various professions, some are housewives, teachers, employees, and many others,” said Rossa, in Ngobras Dream on Monday, August 2, 2021.


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#stayhome more productive


The opportunity to chat casually with Ocha on Instagram Live, Rossa also told about her activities during #at home.

Starting from the hobby of cooking, watching Korean dramas to giving birth to several works such as songs, video talk shows, and other activities carried out online.

For those of you who missed it, you can really watch the replay of the exciting chat from the Dream Editor and Teh Ocha at Ngobras Dream, Monday afternoon at IGTV Dreamcoid.

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Come watch our fun!

Or you can also watch by pressing the play in the following video. Enjoy!

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